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Robust diecast tracklights, the Concepta range from Illuma

  2009-10-30         admin         Product News » Lighting News
One of the most popular and much appreciated ranges from Illuma, the Illuma Concepta range of track lights, is a robust, diecast aluminium range of spotlights, with fully adjustable body and head. These track light fittings are ideal for accent lighting in retail, commercial and leisure environments. This article introduces the Illuma Concepta range(especially the Concepta TH3111X series); read more about the Topspot range, the Electrospot range, the Lumapar range, the Electrostar range, the Rocket range, the Project 95 range, the Proseal range, or the Lumaseal range.

Ideal for highlighting and general lighting in retail, leisure and commercial applications, particularly where highlighting precision is required. Find out more about the technical specs of this track light fitting, details about the 2 series in this range, and more about the Concepta TH3111X - features, installation, lamp description, the materials used, and some technical data.

Illuma Concepta Track Lights - General Features

  • Body Swivels through 355°;
  • Head tilts through 90°;
  • Supplied complete with lamp;
  • Supplied with toughened safety glass;
  • Front ring easily removes for lamp changing;
  • The Concepta AR111 version is dimmable.

The Illuma Concepta Range - available models

  1. The Illuma Concepta THQ3C range - Concepta metal-halide spotlights are supplied with a CDM-TC capsule lamp, which offers the light output and brilliance of ceramic metal-halide in a small lamp. Integral electronic control gear provides constant power and automatically cuts off faulty lamp.
  2. The Illuma Concepta TH3111X range - Concepta 12V AR111 spotlight with integral electronic transformer combine the benefits of 12V lighting with the flexibility of mains-voltage installations. They are suitable for use with most types of dimmer, including leading- and trailing-edge dimmers.

The Illuma Concepta TH3111X range - Features

What we keep in stock and in our offer is mainly the Concepta TH3111 range. About this range:
  • Standard track version for Illuma 1-circuit track; surface mounting version. Other track versions can be made to order: for Concord, Global and Thorn 1-circuit track (order TH3111X/G1 etc); for Global 3-circuit track (order TH3111X/G3 etc).
  • Attachments available to control glare and create colour effects (can be only be used with 50W lamps).
  • Finishes available: Concepta TH3111XW (White), Concepta TH3111XB (black) or Concepta TH3111XS(silver-grey) finish.
  • Fully adjustable: body rotates 355°, lighting head tilts 90°.
  • Integral electronic transformer has soft-start to maintain lamp life, and also provides short-circuit and thermal-overload protection.
  • F-marked: suitable for direct mounting on flammable surfaces.
  • Guaranteed for five years.

The Installation of the Illuma Concepta Track Lights

  • Easy installation and removal from track.
  • The adaptor locks the spotlight positively to the track and on standard versions incorporates a switch for individual switching.
  • Twist-and-lock front ring easily removed for lamp replacement.

Illuma Concepta Tracklights - Lamp description

  • High-intensity light output.
  • Bright, white light.
  • Precise beam control.
  • Wide selection of wattages and beam angles.
  • Energy saving and longer lamp life compared with standard incandescent lamps.
  • Lamp cap: G53.
  • Wattage: 50W, 75W, or 100W.
  • Lamp life: 3000h.

Illuma Concepta Track Lights - Technical Data

  • Cut out diameter: 0mm.
  • IP Rating: IP20.
  • Weight: 0.71kg.
  • Input Voltage: 240V/12V.
  • Dimming: Suitable for dimming, dimmable lamp.

The Materials used for the Illuma Concepta Tracklights

  • Body: Diecast Aluminium
  • Lighting Head: Diecast Aluminium
  • Transformer: Electronic
  • Track Adaptor: Moulded Polycarbonate
Buy online the Illuma Concepta range of diecast track spotlights for accent retail lighting.