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Ryefield Boards - the 9 way Ryefied Board, nine way 60A Ryefield TPN fuseboards

Ryefield Boards - the 9 way Ryefied Board, nine way 60A Ryefield TPN fuseboards

  2011-07-18         sparksdirect         Product News » Electrical Items News

The RY9 is a 9 way TPN Ryefield Board - the most popular and used Ryefield TPN Fuseboard.

Since the manufacturer themselves don't offer too much information concerning the Ryefield boards, all you have to see on our website are the technical specifications of this 9 Way Ryefield Board.

If you need a Ryefield Board or a Ryefield Fuseboard urgently, you can contact us and it can be ordered + quoted on request!

The Ryefield Boards are part of the industrial consumer units on our website - read a more comprehensive review of the Ryefield boards, fuseboards, Ryefield cut outs and service head dis. fuseboard.

With cases fabricated from 18g steel sheets, the covers are lift-off hinged ones with padlocking attachment and Multilock.

The back of the Ryefield TPN Board cases is drilled and embossed for the wall fixing, and the clamps are standard  main grass clamps (adjustable, in order to accept 25 square mm to 120 sq mm stranded conductors).

The brass neutral of the Ryefield Boards in the TPN range is with main clamp and pinching screw circuit terminals - one per fuse unit.

The finish of the Ryefield TPN Fuseboard case is enamelled epoxy polyester powder Dark Grey Shade, the screws are made of steel, and the component parts are zinc plated.

The 9 Way Ryefield TPN Board - The RY9 Main features

  • The case: fabricated from 18g steel sheets;
  • The lift off hinged cover: with padlocking attachment and Multilock;
  • The back of case: drilled and embossed for wall fixing;
  • Standard main brass clamp and pinching screw circuit terminals - one per fuse unit;
  • The brass earth block: with pinching screw terminals and PME link;
  • Part of the Ryefield TPN boards - see the full range;
  • Plain removable plates top and bottom as standard;
  • The fuses taken: 60A service type fuse units;
  • The Ryefield TPN Board: 9 ways fuseboard;
  • The dimensions: 535(Height) x 400(Width) x 180(Depth) mm;
  • The finish: This Ryefield Board case is enamelled epoxy polyester powder dark grey shade. The steel screws and component parts zinc plated.
  • More about the Ryefield Boards and Fuseboards (other models);
  • Buy online the 9 way Ryefield Board, RY9 Ryefield Fuseboard.
To purchase online Ryefield boards, view our full offer at the Industrial Consumer Units, where you can choose the proper Ryefield board for your need.

For any advice, contact us, email us with a request, call us, or even visit us in our showroom in Archway – our consultants will help you in your decision and choice.

Do not forget: All the Ryefield Boards are In-Store Pick-Up only.