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saving the energy with CP Electronics green-i advanced switch technology

saving the energy with CP Electronics green-i advanced switch technology

  2012-04-17         sparksdirect         Product News » Dimming Systems News,   Advice » Energy Saving Tips

The Green-I range of switches from CP Electronics use an advanced switch technology, and they can be used not only for controlling lighting but also the heating and the ventilation!

All these cool looking devices are designed in such a way that they would replace the existing switches and would help you save the energy!

Energy Saving Switches

Besides the user-friendly technology and the great design built into these devices, the green-i range of switches and dimmers are also energy saving. When the press of a switch determines the lights / ventilation / heating to come on, the energy saving is up to us.

If we forget to turn off the switch, we waste energy (and this happens habitually, unfortunately).

When there is a dimmer or a movement sensor installed in the switch to control the lighting in your home, there is a great deal of energy saving - and money saving at the same time.

On the one hand it is good to use energy saving light bulbs, but on the other hand is is even more helpful when you can install the green-i switches to control the existing lighting, heating, and ventilation systems.

Slick design for switches

Why use the classical ON/OFF switches or rotary dimmers when you can use the green-i devices with a slick design - to fit your taste!

Thank goodness everyone has a different taste or else life would be very boring.

Each switch / dimmer in the Green-I range from CP Electronics comes with three fascias / faceplates: one in white, one in brushed bronze, and another in stainless steel effect.

The different effects and colors fascias for the green-i switches allow you not only to hide the fixing screws but also to change the cover whenever you want to match the design of the switch with the decor of the room.

Another cool touch is the green LED ring in the centre of the switch - at night it helps you locate the switch "without turning on the light" by guiding you to it with its soft green glow.

The Green-I advanced technology

The great features and properties included in this simple switch or dimmer are useful around the home.

The advanced technology incorporated allows you to use a remote control via which you can program features such as Scene Selections in the dimmer switch (to create the desired mood lighting). We have extensively covered the amazing features and technologies in the green-i switches and dimmers via,

Buy online the CP Electronics Green-I range of switches and dimmers at the Energy Saving devices and the Time Lag Switches section.