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Scribd doc: Airflow Duplex Vent Green Brochure - Ventilation with Heat Recovery

  2010-06-02         admin         Advice » Ventilation Advice
Just like this document says - "Fresh, clean, warm air ... and saving energy too" - The DuplexVent Whole House Ventilation System with heat recovery, is helping you in creating a healthier environment! We already introduced this system on our blog - here is a quote from this article:
In a healthy home thousands of litres of fresh air is needed every day in order to compensate for the moisture generated by each individual person(the moisture is also generated through cooking, washing and bathing). Duplexvent provides continuous mechanical ventilation with heat recovery in order to supply controlled, fresh, filtered air while at the same time extracting potentially harmful, unwanted moisture and airborne pollutants. This system helps you to save the energy too by re-claiming waste heat from the extracted air that would otherwise be lost and returning it via the incoming fresh air into the dwelling. By adding back the warmed/fresh air the thermostat can be turned down (which event, over time, results in tangible benefits in reducing the energy consumption).
Read the entire article online as The Airflow Duplex Vent Green Brochure - Ventilation with Heat Recovery, the Airflow presentation of the DuplexVent Complete Air recycling system - found on scribd, among our documents - included below:

Airflow Duplex Vent Green Brochure - Ventilation with Heat Recovery http://d1.scribdassets.com/ScribdViewer.swf

If you are interested in this advanced system of ventilation and whole house air refreshing / changing, do not hesitate to contact us.