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Shaker IllumaLED spotlights, the ultimate in Energy Saving, LED Spot Lights

  2010-01-07         admin         Product News » Lighting News
The new IllumaLED Shaker range is a superbly engineered aluminium spotlight range with immaculate finishing. This article, introducing the latest and most innovative illumaled products, lets you know how the crisp, contemporary design meets cutting edge technology in the IllumaLED Shaker LED Spotlights.

The contemporary, compact product design is ideal for a multitude of applications like: galleries, museums, exhibitions, numerous retail, architectural, display & accent uses. The benefits of LEDs when compared with tungsten halogen are lower energy costs, reduced maintenance cost savings and air-conditioning and power consumption - these are some of the features incorporated into the IllumaLED Shaker Spotlights. Read more below about the some of the features of the IllumaLED Shaker range, a vivid comparison between the conventional halogen and the illumaLED Shaker range, the dimensions & the lamp beams of the Shaker range, and where to purchase these LED spotlights from Illuma.

IllumaLED Shaker LED Spotlights - Features

  • OSRAM Golden DRAGON® Plus LEDs;
  • Efficacy 63 lumens per watt;
  • Body swivels through 355º;
  • Head tilts through 90º;
  • High quality brushed aluminium finish;
  • Choice of track adapters;
  • The Shaker range incorporates the latest OSRAM LED technology;
  • The high output Golden DRAGON® Plus LEDs are lead free and RoHS compliant;
  • The IllumaLED Shaker spotlights are supplied with a single circuit adaptor as standard;
  • A 3-circuit adaptor and the monopoint surface mounting plate are available to order;
  • For full flexibility of application: pendant, surface plate and clamp mounting options can be supplied;
  • Smooth and accurate adjustment is achieved through a friction activated tilting mechanism;
  • Reliable and optimal performance are guaranteed by a specially designed power supply and driver circuit located in the rear, separated from the LEDs by a distinctive heat sink.

Conventional halogen spotlights vs. IllumaLED Shaker

Illustrated below is a direct comparison between conventional halogen spotlights and the new illumaLED Shaker. The payback calculations below are based on a 12 hour day utilisation.

  • Lamp Type - Halogen 1 x 20W / LED 1 x 3.6W
  • Total Cost over 10 years - Halogen £615 / LED£121
  • Total Saving - Halogen - / LED £494
  • Payback - Halogen - / LED 1.2 years

The IllumaLED Shaker range - LED Spot Lights

  • Illuma TLED303N - Illumaled TLED303NW/S - 3W LED Track Fitting, Neutral White LED, weight: 0.35kg;
  • Illuma TLED306N - Illumaled TLED306NW/S - 6W LED Track Fitting, Neutral White LED, weight: 0.50kg;
  • Illuma TLED312N - Illumaled TLED312NW/S - 12W LED Track Fitting, Neutral White LED, weight: 1.40kg;
Note: These models are also available with 1-circuit Multi Track Adaptor, or with Surface Mounting Plate.

Dimensions and Lamp Beams for the IllumaLED Shaker Spotlights

IllumaLED Shaker Spotlights - the Dimensions

illumaLed Shaker Spotlights - Lamp Beam Data