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Simple Steps to Improve the Appeal of your Home - Smart Tips for Homeowners

Simple Steps to Improve the Appeal of your Home - Smart Tips for Homeowners

  2011-04-19         sparksdirect         Advice » Energy Saving Tips

You homeowners out there will know how big a task it can be when trying to maintain and improve the appeal and comfort of your home.

You may be looking to do this as your house is up for sale and you want to get a good price, or you may just be holding a dinner party and want to impress all your friends and guests.

This task is made bigger by the fact that you have so many rooms and places throughout your home which you need to keep an eye on such as your living room, dining room, kitchen and even your bathroom.

So here are some easy tips which can help create this comforting appeal:

  1. LightingThe lighting in your house can go a long way in determining the ambience and atmosphere it generates. In the daytime you will want to emit as much natural light as possible, so making sure your curtains are drawn right back is a must. If you are redeveloping your home or having a building extension, then look in to the possibility of getting a sky light installed so that when the sun is out, the rays will be beaming down on you from above. In the evening it’s a whole different story, as you have to rely on your electrical lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere, and one of the most successful and popular solutions, is the installation of a dimmer switch. If you are looking to stay in and relax for the evening, then a dimmer switch can generate a candle lit appeal so you can relax, unwind and put your feet up in front of the television.
  2. De-Clutter – Many find it so hard to throw away belongings that they never use. They will simply store it away and before you know it, you’ve got too many belongings and not enough space. So every once in a while you need to go through all your cupboards and drawers and decide on what clothes, books, CD’s or belongings you no longer need. This will enable you to better store the things you do need, and you will be amazed at how much extra room you will find throughout your house.
  3. GardeningYour front garden will create the first impression for any visitors you are expecting, and if you are looking to sell, you really want this to be a positive one. The first simple step is to get the garden gloves out and do the weeding, which includes throughout the flowerbeds, and through any cracks in your front drive. Also, make sure you get rid of or store anything that is just lying about in your back garden, such as brooms, rakes or any of your children’s toys. You should also look to fix any broken fences, brickwork, patios, just anything in your garden that will need mending.
  4. Ornaments – Throughout the whole of your house, you should look to implement features such as flowers, candles or pictures. It just has to be anything that you like the look of, which will improve the look of your house. Flowers and candles look great throughout your home, and they come in such a variety of colours which means they will look great in to any room. You can also have pictures of family and relatives to create a cosy feel, or if you like your art then you may want to buy some framed paintings to showcase in your living room.