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What is a Smart Thermostat and Why Now is the Right Time to Invest in One

What is a Smart Thermostat and Why Now is the Right Time to Invest in One

  2018-11-22         sparksdirect         Product News » Heating News

The advent of smart technology in the 21st century has benefited us in all walks of life; from voice-controlled smartphones obeying our every order to Fitbits tracking our health levels, smart technology is revolutionising how we live.

The latest trend you should be turning to is smart thermostats, for the simple reason they can save you some serious money on your electricity bills.

What is a Smart Thermostat?

Internet of things - including the smart thermostat!

A conventional room thermostat allows the temperature in your home to be changed manually, via a dial or control panel. Meanwhile, smart thermostat will allow for a more effective, user-friendly and accessible way to control your home's heating.

Many smart thermostats utilise the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) which offers internet connectivity for remote management, programming, and monitoring.

This is especially useful for a variety of features, such as the ability to notify the thermostat when the owner is on the way home so it can adjust the temperature accordingly.

Benefits of a smart thermostat

The smart thermostat is particularly useful to someone who is working or frequently on the go, one who doesn't have time to dabble over a thermostat when they get back.

A smart thermostat won’t save money in the short run, unless the temperature varies wildly from morning to evening, but it will pay off in the long run if the house can be heated or cooled efficiently.

As your smartphone receives reports about the usage and situation of the smart thermostat, you can utilise these to better understand your own heating and cooling usage.

This in turn enables you to adjust its behaviour and preferences, which could save money, while maintaining the house at a comfortable temperature.

The exact amount a thermostat may save you is obviously dependent on various factors: the type of thermostat, the insulation of your property and how you take advantage of its features.

However, many studies claim a smart thermostat will manage to pay for itself within a year.

According to some studies, smart thermostats may save your energy bills ranging from 31-37%, which may amount up to £130 per year!

Features and uses of smart thermostats

DEVIreg smart thermostats - working with all the heating elements.

What's even better is that smart thermostats are becoming increasingly affordable.

A top-of-the-line Danfoss Devireg Smart thermostat will set you back a little over £100, down from its initial list pricing of over double that price, while the less expensive one is just over £50 + VAT (see the DEVIreg Touch Screen).

The Devireg is an intelligent electronic timer thermostat with Wi-Fi connectivity and App control. It truly makes use of the IoT, allowing you to wirelessly control your electrical heating via your smartphone - either via an Android phone or an iPhone.

For instance, on a chilly winter morning, you can wake up and even manage the temperature of your underfloor heating as you get ready for the day.

And when you take a shower and it is under 5 degrees Celsius outside, it is so comfortable to step out of the shower and feel the warm floors under your feet...

A smart thermostat works with all the heating elements in the house - which can be remotely controlled, and it allows you to make sure the house is warm enough when people are around, and also that the heat is not ON when no one is at home.

The smart thermostat features are bound to save you money on electricity bills.

For instance, it has an open window detector and an energy-saving program which includes an optimum start/end control that ensures the desired temperature is reached at the correct time, therefore reducing heating costs.

We here at Sparks sell a variety of Deviregs, and they come highly recommended if you wish to delve into the smart thermostat market.

Who would Use a Smart Thermostat?

Who would use a smart thermostat? See DEVIreg smart thermostats - working with all the heating elements, ideal for domestic or office use.

The tech-savvy

Smart thermostats are sure to suit certain people more than others. The tech-savvy smartphone or computer users amongst us will likely benefit from the smart thermostat, as they can and will easily check how much their heating is costing them.

Those on a regular routine

Those with a regular routine will likely profit from a smart thermostat, as many of them will learn your routine and ensure it is warm exactly when it needs to be.

As stated earlier, those on the move will be grateful to return home to find themselves in a welcoming house warming itself just in time for their arrival.


Businesses are in the practice of saving money where they can, so of course, they have turned their attention to smart thermostats. According to some studies, such IoT-enabled thermostats can make workplaces vastly more energy-efficient.

As an employer, you can inform the device of the standard working hours of your employees.

This will allow the smart thermostat to heat up or cool down the office to a comfortable and productive temperature before your employees arrive and cut costs on any wasted energy it might have consumed after they left.
Happy workplace - smart thermostat

What's more is that you can programme smart thermostats to adjust to certain seasons or conditions, from excessive humidity to wintry chills. Given the option, some smart thermostats will consistently attempt to lower the temperature by a degree or two.

This may not be enough for you or your staff to notice, but could save you hundreds on your energy bills each year.

So, with the smart thermostats looking 'future-proof' by all accounts, the main question you have to ask yourself is why not invest in one right now?