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So How Can You Create Effective Web Content? Top Content Creation Tips

So How Can You Create Effective Web Content? Top Content Creation Tips

  2012-08-29         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » SEO updates

We were reading this article via BusinessZone the other day, entitled, The secrets behind effective web content. You can check out their infographic - pretty cool.

This article gave us some ideas regarding the creation of the content. Everyone wants to be successful, but who will pay the price to create content that is interesting and appreciated?

What is Content?

So, what is Content? Everything on the internet is content, and it appeals to different groups of people. You can create / make sounds, text, pictures, videos, etc.

In this age of Social Media everyone is SHARING content, bits and pieces here and there, and in this way "content comes to us" daily...

Why is Content so Important?

If you have good content on your website / blog / feed then people will subscribe, share, and interact.

You will get google to love your website and re-visit it, you will get links from people who appreciate your content, some articles / videos / music may go viral, and overall people will visit your website and subscribe because they love it!

So How Can You Create Effective Web Content?

So How Can You Create Effective Web Content? Top Content Creation Tips

Since content is so important, both for personal use (personal blogs, personal video streams, etc) and for business (for promoting your products and services), how can you create effective web content?

It's good to have inspiration :) and some ideas, which come from either your observation or from free writing, walking, keeping a journal, reading, researching, etc.

Test the waters, write about a certain topic, and then see what the response is.

You can write a Questions and Answers article, you can borrow some ideas from others, you can take an interview of a celebrity / someone famous in your field, you can review a product, you can compile some quotes, make some videos or audio pieces, a best of, etc.

Best Practices for Effective Content

It all sounds so simple, right? What's worse is when you write / compose something and NOTHING happens; no one comments, likes, shares, etc.

This is when you're tempted to "over-promote yourself", do some major sharing of your content, and in general "do something crazy" so that people would read and comment.

But remember: don't sabotage your own content with your over-promoting! It's better to sit down and think about it. Even make a schedule - don't write once per day for a week and then 2 weeks break.

Be flexible - look for sources of inspiration and write while it's fresh! What may also help is getting someone to check up on you and encourage you.

And for more motivation, keep a "success log", your top articles :)

So Now What?

It's up to you what's next: if you're inclined to write something, go ahead and try that. Maybe you like creating videos, music, images, or any other multimedia pieces.

We at Sparks Electrical are continually learning how to combine the "dry writing on product ranges reviews" and "social media related articles" / more interesting content. It's a process of learning!