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Some instructions for the electricians & decorators, concerning the switches & dimmers, Forbes and Lomax

  2009-08-11         admin         Advice » Switches and Sockets Advice
After you purchase Forbes and Lomax switches and dimmers, if you intend to install them we recommend that you follow the instructions below(Forbes & Lomax guide to Switches & Dimmers installation; this is also available for the installation of any dimmer or switch):
  1. Remove the light switch from the box and unscrew the fixing ring around the switch using the white plastic spanner provided.
  2. Remove the wallplate and place each plate in separate plastic bags to prevent damage.
  3. Take great care with all metal plates. They are very delicate and can easily be damaged by scratching, paint, damp plaster and other building site debris.
  4. Ensure that the Handy box is recessed by a minimum of 4mm below the surface of the wall. This is necessary to enable the wallplate to sit flush when fitted. For ease of installation we recommend a two inch deep Handy box.
  5. Install switches and dimmers in the normal way. A spacer or shim can be used to bring the yoke level with the surface of the wall. This will enable the switch to be fixed rigidly and the wallplate to attach properly.
  6. The “Invisible” switches and dimmers are supplied with a thin, primed aluminum inner plate. The inner plate can be painted to match the walls or used as a template to cut out a piece of wallpaper to fit between the inner plate and the “Invisible” plate. Place the inner plate and wallpaper (if being used) over the switch and re-fit the “Invisible” plate with the fixing ring.
  7. For metal wallplates simply refit the wallplate with the fixing ring.
  8. For rotary dimmers, align the ‘D’ shaped insert on the underside of the dimmer knob with the ‘D’ shape on the spindle and push the knob onto the spindle.
  9. Do not plaster, paint or paper straight over the wall boxes in case it is necessary to access the switch at a later date.
  10. To avoid unnecessary damage, wallplates should be fitted after electrical and decorative work is complete.
  11. Do not fix plates to damp walls.
The above instructions are general rules any electrician or decorator / professional or individual should follow in fitting wiring accessories. Find out more about the ranges of wiring accessories Forbes & Lomax offers, like the Invisible plate range (pictures), the Unlacquered Brass range, the Antique Bronze range, the Nickel Silver range, the painted socket range, or the stainless steel range. To purchase them online, visit the Switches and Sockets / Metal Plate / Flat Plate / Forbes and Lomax category.