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Sparks Electrical Embraces Mobile E-tailing (Case Study in Get Connected)

Sparks Electrical Embraces Mobile E-tailing (Case Study in Get Connected)

  2013-08-20         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » SEO updates

A few months ago we were announcing our new responsive website, and many of our customers and visitors have left us great feedback on the quality (and the necessary improvements) of the mobile version of the website.

We partnered with Cyber-Duck, one of the UK's leading independent digital agencies specializing in user experience and web design, to re-develop our website, bringing it into the 21st century for both high-tech users and electricians, homeowners, installers, and builders alike.

Sparks Electrical Embraces Mobile E-tailing

If you're subscribed to the GetConnected Magazine you have indeed read the case study entitled, Embracing Mobile E-tailing, where we write,
Responsive website design was just one of the objectives in Sparks' renovation of its online presence. The transformation also included upgrading the website's e-commerce system, re-categorisation of Sparks' products and improving design and navigation around the site.
Some may ask, What is responsive web design and why did you choose to invest in it right now? Well, responsive technology enables the design and development of a mobile-friendly website, and in today's world most people access the internet both for browsing, networking, and shopping via their smartphones, either iPhones / iPads, Windows phones/tablets, or Android-powered phones/tablets. Every website should accommodate such visitors by investing in the future of the internet: responsive web design.
Rather than being designed for each specific device, the responsive approach responds and adapts the web page layout according to the screen size. Implementing this technology has made Sparks Direct's website future friendly as it will be compatible for devices that haven't yet been released.

What do You think of our Responsive Website?

Sparks Electrical Embraces Mobile E-tailing (Case Study in Get Connected)

Everyone has a smartphone, and some of us even own one or two tablets. Because we need to travel to work, it is inconvenient to read books, play games, check the email, or browse the internet on the laptop.

An iPhone or an Android phone is so convenient both with the current mobile plans in the UK and with our current situation. If you have your phone with you, why don't you visit our website by clicking on the following link,

and enjoy an amazing web responsive experience of an online store, with large photos, clear action buttons, great interface, and easy navigation.

If you find a light fitting, a switch, a socket, an airflow fan, or any other electrical items that you need, you can simply add it to the shopping cart.

The checkout process is as simple as the navigation, and many of the visitors are regularly ordering via their tablet or smartphone. Take a look; navigate through the website, and let us know: do you like it?