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Sparks Electrical Helps You Celebrate the Dapper Month of Movember!

Sparks Electrical Helps You Celebrate the Dapper Month of Movember!

  2012-10-31         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates

According to the gentleman's calendar hanging on the wall of Sparks Electrical, tomorrow is the start of Movember, the most dapper month.

For the next thirty days, Movember participants ("Mo Bros") will be sprouting some glorious facial hair. You might see these gents on the street and ask yourself "why?" To which we reply "because it's for a great cause, old chap," and "pip pip."

What is Movember?

Mo Bros effectively become "walking, talking billboards" for the whole month, raising awareness of men's health issues.

The idea is that they will be sponsored for the month, raising funds.

Much of those funds (a whopping 88%) go to men's health programs including Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research, as well as awareness and education programs.

Last year, almost 900,000 Mo Bros (and the generally moustacheless but still pretty excellent Mo Sistas) across the world signed up for the cause to raise £79.3m.

Movember Moustache Tips

  1. Mo Bros are supposed to start the month clean-shaven, so there's still time to choose the right moustache for your face.
  2. Trim it! There's really no excuse not to invest in a mains-powered electric razor to keep your moustache tidy for November (and perhaps beyond).
  3. Your top lip might become especially dry; facial hair has a tendency to keep moisture from the skin and allowing it to evaporate. Slap on some moisturiser in the morning to battle this.
  4. Keep it groomed! There's no fun in carrying an untidy moustache. Wax will keep it orderly and smelling good, while a moustache comb in the pocket helps you keep your facial hair in line through the day.
  5. Just enjoy it. Having facial hair is a brilliant experience.
But we understand that for various reasons, a lot of our readers won't be able to participate in the month-long celebration of facial hair.

(Perhaps you could draw a moustache on your bathroom mirror instead, so you can enjoy the experience if only while brushing your teeth.)

If you do decide to participate, however, you should pay a visit to the Sparks showroom in Archway for some hearty, congratulatory slaps on the back and further moustache tips!