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When Sparks Gets on the Instagram Bandwagon and Tweets their Instagrams

When Sparks Gets on the Instagram Bandwagon and Tweets their Instagrams

  2013-06-10         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » SEO updates

We loved twitpic, but it looks like it's gone - twitter acquired it, and now it's part of twitter!

We also love pinterest, and we have a growing number of great pins from either our website, our blogs, or from our friends and from online.

We tried really hard to stay away from Instagram as a business, but we can't do that anymore. It is official now, Sparksdirect is on Instagram!

Why did Sparks get on the Instagram Bandwagon?

First of all, for personal use instagram is great - you can follow great people, you can like awesome images, and you can also take pictures and filter them to obtain some amazing instagrams!

We may not like the instagram pictures of shoes, feet, food, flowers, face, or anything else that is so boring - yet so popular nowadays - but instagram is a great social networking tool and altogether fun!

On the business side though, especially if you want to make sure the color, finish, polish, and features of your products are properly represented in the pictures on the website, instagram may not be of that much use.

Unless you have events, customers, outings, etc. So....why did Sparks get on the instagram bandwagon? Simply because it's so cool and we love it!

We have some great fittings in our showroom, and when you instagram them they just look smashing!

Of course, there's a disclaimer with almost every picture saying that the color is "filtered" - but many people love our pictures! It is such a good way to make new friends, meet new people, and share things from the life of an electrical wholesaler with the world!

True to the Finish vs Having Some Fun

On our website at we may NOT post any instagram pictures, but on our instagram account we definitely will.

On the website we will make sure we present the most accurate pictures, finishes, and applications of the lights and electrical items, but on instagram we want to just join the fun.

Take a look at our instagrams until now - don't you love them? Most are taken with our personal iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4.

Most are taken in our showroom in Archway, where there are plenty of lights, switches and sockets, fans, chandeliers, bollards, heating systems, customers, and all kinds of other goodies!

Of course, as the settings allow us on Instagram, we are also tweeting + sharing on Facebook our instagram pictures!

And our friends / followers just love them!

By the way, we are looking for more friends on instagram!!! Are you on instagram? Let us know, follow us, and we will definitely follow you back and interact with you!