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We need your Vote: Sparks was Nominated for Three 2019 Electrical Wholesaler Awards!

We need your Vote: Sparks was Nominated for Three 2019 Electrical Wholesaler Awards!

  2019-03-01         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Customer Service

We here at Sparks Direct are delighted to announce that we have received three separate nominations for the 2019 Electrical Wholesalers Awards!

These nominations include awards for best Electrical Wholesaler Website, best Sole Branch and best Customer Service.

Now, we need your vote to help us win these accolades…

Vote here.

At Sparks, we pride ourselves on being ‘switched on’ for service. That means delivering quality products and customer care in an ever changing market. We provide a solution for every type of customer.

Thanks to this dedication we have been shortlisted for these highly sought-after awards, which will be voted for by the electrical wholesaler community.

This includes (of course) you - our customers and our visitors. We hope these awards would be well-deserved for this company and in this article we will explain why we believe this is the case.

Sole Electrical Wholesaler Branch nomination

We are proud to have been nominated as one of only five finalists in the ‘Best Wholesaler: Sole Branch’ category, facing stiff competition from across the entire UK.

Sparks Electrical Wholesalers (or ‘Sparks Direct’) have been operating as a sole branch for over 30 years now, since we opened our doors in 1988.

Over this time, our lighting showroom has become a well-known feature on Holloway Road, one that thousands of Londoners will have seen, visited, and talked about..

Sparks have provided a wide range of top quality electrical goods, including lights, LED lamps, switches, sockets, ventilation systems, thermostats and underfloor heating.

Another crucial part of our business has been information. We have provided expert advice to electricians, trades people, building contractors, interior designers and, of course, the general public.

In an effort to be ‘customer-centric’ we have adopted a number of convenient policies.

We are open 6 days every week and we offer recommendations in store from our trained staff; also, we offer phone support. We pride ourselves on being part of the fabric of Archway’s community as written about here.

This article details the key reasons Sparks Direct has kept the physical store alive (and very healthy) in a digital age.

The essential reasons behind our enduring popularity are: our product knowledge, competitive pricing, product availability, brand recognition and customer service (another category we have been nominated in!)

2019 Best Electrical Wholesaler Website Award nomination

We need your Vote: Sparks was Nominated for Three 2019 Electrical Wholesaler Awards!

Our digital team - with more than 10 years of experience in the field - ensures the content and technical specifications are correct and up-to-date, as constant changes are made by manufacturers.

We provide information on a wide range of products such as switches, sockets, lights, bulbs, LEDs, ventilation fans, tools and electrical testers kits.

These are provided by some of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry including Astro Lighting and Integral LED (for lighting), and Envirovent and Airflow (for ventilation).

The team behind our website strives to find the highest quality videos, guides and pictures for every item that we sell online.

As well as processing online orders, we offer technical support and are always working to improve the quality and usability of our site.

Buy Online Lights and Sockets

As part of our ‘customer-centric’ approach, we offer 30-day returns and free deliveries on orders over £100 (plus VAT). We remain on top of the ever-changing information.

This means you can rest assured we are recommending the correct light bulb for the light fitting you desire and the right LED driver for the energy saving LED light you want.

Our website has many functionalities including a ‘question and answer’ service that will provide accurate responses to any question - big or small - that you may have about individual products.

The excellent quality of our online customer services and review feedback is part of what keeps both visitors and customers coming back to us.

We also have one of the most active blogs in the field of electrical wholesalers. At Sparks we release bi-weekly updates on the latest trends, newest technologies, products, lighting designer profiles and many industry-related topics.

The content of our blog posts varies widely, so that it appeals to a broad audience of readers. For instance, you can read about the practicalities of using tubular heaters in hard-to-reach areas of your home during cold months.

Or, you may read about the importance of setting up a ‘whole home’ alarm system and advice on which one to use.

If you have an interest in lighting design, then we have a series of profiles on the world’s most influential lighting designers. There is something for everyone on our blog, which we hope keeps customers informed.

Best Electrical Wholesaler Customer Service Award nomination

We need your Vote: Sparks was Nominated for Three 2019 Electrical Wholesaler Awards!

We were thrilled to receive the nomination for ‘Best Customer Service’, as Sparks has always strived to be a ‘customer-centric’ business.

This model is made up of a friendly in-house team, phone support, online chat, email support and online review feedback, through sites such as Feefo and Trustpilot.

On Trustpilot we have an outstanding 9.3/10 rating for customer service (at the time of writing), a score which we believes speaks for itself, and the genuine customer reviews via Feefo give us a 4.8 stars out of 5 (at the time of the writing).

Sparks have polished their in-house customer services over the course of 30 years, and have earned the respect and confidence of contractors, electricians and the general public.

The combined expertise of Sparks’ over-the-counter salespeople is impressive – they have a comprehensive knowledge of the items we stock.

Their support extends from the basics which an ordinary customer may ask about, to more complex advice for electricians.

Whether you need to know if your new light fitting can be dimmed or you want to hear about the latest domestic distribution boards - we at Sparks have you covered.

In recent years, we have reviewed how we should expand and improve our online services. Using Google Reviews and Feefo we analyse genuine customer reviews.

We then make the necessary changes to keep our customer services relevant, and turn one-time users into patrons.

What your vote means to us here at Sparks

Sparks Electrical Wholesalers remains a popular and important part of the local community, who have supported us with their custom throughout the years.

In response to this support, we have improved our services across all fields and provided a modern ‘customer-centric’ service.

Our nominations in three different categories for the 2019 Electrical Wholesalers Awards has heartened us and have proven that our approach has been a success.

We would be delighted if you, our amazing visitors and customers, could support us once again and give us your vote here! Vote for us here.