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SparksDirect Customer Survey responses (1) - More details and Better Design

SparksDirect Customer Survey responses (1) - More details and Better Design

  2012-03-27         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Customer Service

We have recently sent out the SparksDirect Customer Survey and many of our customers who purchased on our website have filled it in and sent it to us!

We are very encouraged to see so many positive comments and we are also very encouraged to continue to improve the quality of both our service and our website.

Due to the high volume of response and the diversity of the subjects to deal with, today we want to address the topics of More Details and a Better Design.

We are now in the process of re-designing our website and re-making it according to the latest trends and designs online, and both the functionality and design will be fully improved soon.

More details for the products!

Here's bits and pieces from what our customers wrote to us:

  • "Perhaps slightly easier routing to goods"
  • "Clearer pictures with more detail, when looking at the finish of sockets and switches it was hard to tell exactly how the finish looked."
  • "Didn't add items to the check out area very easily and could do with pictures for all items as some don't show them."
  • "Options to buy lamps for specific fittings if they aren't already supplied "
  • "Better product information, pictures and so on - not just the standard stuff."
  • "More photos of lighting accessories. "
... and many more others. We cannot tell you now what we will improve - for the sake of not divulging too much - but you all will be pleasantly surprised to see that ALL your suggestions will be implemented in the new website!

More search options, more filtering, more links for the further details, more details for accessories and finishes, more technical specs, and more details besides the technical specs!

Better design for SparksDirect!

The current design is quite good and many people like it, but there's always room for improvement and updating according to the new internet trends.

Here is what our customers tell us,

  • "Home page is a bit cluttered and the font for the menu too small. Too much going on with the menu not prominent enough."
  • "Your website is pretty good by comparison to other online suppliers. Occasionally I get frustrated when I can't seem to find the item I need, however, your site is easy to navigate and I've had no problems so far."
  • "I am not keen on the changing advertisement on the home page, it is a bit distracting"
  • "Not very attractive but functional"
  • "Make the left hand navigation easier - geared towards lighting and would be good to be able to find other stuff more easily - otherwise is good"
... and many more other positive comments, together with suggestions on features of design.

We love it when our customers and visitors take interest in our website and are suggesting to us how would THEY like the website to be, what should the menu bring out, what to fix, etc.

We want that sparksdirect.co.uk would be a website where people come gladly both for the design and the functionality, and they would also recommend it to their friends!

In conclusion, we would like to thank all our customers who took their time to fill in the quizz and give us their opinion on the various aspects of the functionality and design of our website.

We will soon post some of this feedback on our website. We appreciate your suggestions and comments.