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SparksDirect Customer Survey responses (3) – Delayed Delivery and More Pictures

SparksDirect Customer Survey responses (3) – Delayed Delivery and More Pictures

  2012-04-05         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Customer Service

We are still in the process of going through all the responses and comments our customers left on our SparksDirect survey, and today we would like to tackle these two issues raised up - the delayed delivery and the request for more pictures.

We have previously spoken of "very helpful and knowledgeable staff" and "more details and better design". We are very appreciative of all the genuine feedback from our visitors and customers.

Customer Feedback - Delayed Delivery

One category of complaints from our customers is regarding the delayed delivery. This can be because of the courier company (who is supposed to deliver the items in 1 working day but sometimes delivers it 1-2 days later) or due to the fact that we don't have yet the stock details on our website. Here are some comments from our customers,

  • "Good communication from customer service to tell me a couple of parts were out of stock and the delivery would be 2 days late, saved me waiting in for the delivery on the wrong day"
  • "Advise the prolonged order time at the outset."
  • "... problem with lead time, had phone call from office, was quoted a realistic lead time which you then beat!"
  • "Better feedback on availability of out of stock items."
  • "I telephoned to confirm that late delivery for a particular order, due to lack of stock availability, would be fine.  "
We can confirm that we are working on a better system of confirming the availability of the products - whether they are currently in stock or how long will it take to be delivered to you.

Thank you for all the feedback. On the new website - the new version we are currently working on - we will post the stock and the availability.

On the side of the courier and the delivery time, we are doing our best to send the items as we have them in stock - but we are completely at the mercy of the courier companies.

We had many complaints with at least two companies we used to send the parcels, so we had to change them. We are continually looking to improve the delivery time, but sometimes we're "at the mercy of the courier driver".

Still, we think it is continually improving. Apologies for the delays...

Customer Feedback - More Pictures

A picture is more than one thousand words, and it is the pictures that sell the products! We admit that some of the items on our website DO NOT have pictures (shame on us!) while others have only a small picture.

We will be working on this - we acknowledge there's a shortage in this, and we want to make sure we present you NOT ONLY the best technical specs but also at least two or three pictures of the items on our website.

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