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Switch or dim your exterior lights from inside your house with WiseBox and WiseDim

Switch or dim your exterior lights from inside your house with WiseBox and WiseDim

  2011-12-02         sparksdirect         Product News » Switches and Sockets News,   Dimming Systems News,   Advice » Switches and Sockets Advice

It was recently brought to our attention here in our Sparks and Lights Showroom that these two devices - the WISEBOX wireless lighting control and the WISEDIM wireless lights dimming control - are very much wanted at this time of the year!

People buy them like crazy - especially since these days at 4.30pm-5.00pm it is night already and people need to turn on the lights in the garden or outside their house!

WISEBOX Wireless Remote Lighting Control Unit

Instead of mounting a switch outdoors on the wall or somewhere covered from the rain, you can install the WiseBox wireless lighting control box and remotely control the lighting outdoors!

The WiseBox comes with a wireless remote control and allows you to control 4 lighting circuits - you can wire the lights on the left side of the garden on one circuit, the lights at the back all on another circuit, and all the lights in the front of the house on yet another circuit.

Switch on and off the light fittings outdoor with the WISEBOX Wireless Lighting Control Unit! Program the unit according to the need, and simply turn ON or OFF the lights outside - from inside the comfortable home!

WISEDIM Remote Dimming and Switching the Lights

Why install a dimmer outdoors, or why ruin the wall / garden / floor in order to make sure you can dim the lights in the garden?

You can simply install the WiseDim wireless remote dimming and switching control box and you can both dim and switch on/off the lights outdoors! Up to four separate circuits can be connected to the WiseDim, allowing you to control all the outdoor lighting units!

Switch and dim your lights outdoors from within your home - with the WISEDIM Wireless Lights Dimming Control Unit! If the lights on the four circuits are dimmable, you can not only turn on or off the lights but even dim them from inside the house!
Read more about the WISEDIM dimming control unit for outdoor lights and the WISEBOX remotely control and dim lighting system - via their dedicated articles, and purchase them online at Sparks Electrical. Check them out for yourself and find out why are people loving these devices!

Note: WiseDim is no longer available at Sparks; see the Smart Switching/Dimming systems to see the current offering.