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Besides the on/off switches or dimmers, there is a wide range of Intelligent Dimmers, Wireless Dimming Solutions, and other lighting control solutions. On our website you can find a wide range of Varilight Intelligent dimmers and dimmerswitches - with a remote control and with touch control, energy saving solutions for indoors. Also, there is the Rako Wireless Controls devices, offering wireless dimming and switching of the light fittings - You can remotely dim and control the lighting in the house even via an iPhone app, anywhere you are! Great Intelligent Dimming solutions and Wireless Dimmers - introduced via the Blog at SparksDirect.

Rako Wireless Dimming Solutions

Varilight Intelligent Dimmers

Buy online the Rako Wireless Dimming System via the Wireless Dimmers section, and check out the Varilight Intelligent Dimmers at Other Dimmers.