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The 17th Edition Myth Exploded - concerning the Fire, Smoke and Heat alarms

  2009-05-08         admin         Product News » Consumer Units News
  • Are you Installing the smoke alarms from Aico?
  • Are you confused?
  • Are there too many conflicting views?
  • Here is the 17th Edition Myth Exploded! - the 17th edition myth related to the smoke and heat alarms (the pdf file)
  • The Smoke alarms can be connected to a lighting circuit - this is the preferredĀ  circuit.
  • The alternative is wiring on a dedicated circuit.
Who says this?
What does the 17th edition say?
The 17th edition does not make any reference to domestic smoke alarm installations in the whole document.
Why are some manufacturers saying that smoke alarms should be wired on a dedicated circuit?
They are misinterpreting the requirements of Chapter 56 - Safety Services. This makes reference to fire detection and alarm systems, but in section 560.10 it refers you to BS 5839 for the specific requirements. Appendix A makes it quite clear that BS 5839: Pt. 1 is the document being referred to. This standard is for commercial systems, it is not the standard for domestic smoke alarms systems, this is BS 5839: Pt. 6.
I'm confused: what should I do?
In the absence of specific advice in the 17th Edition for domestic smoke alarm systems to Grade D(mains with a back-up battery), follow the recommendations of BS 5839: Pt.6.
What are these recommendations exactly?
Clause 15.5 states that Grade D smoke alarms can be wired from either...
  • 'An independent circuit at the dwellings main distribution board, in which case no other electrical equipment should be connected to this circuit'.
  • Or 'A separately electrically protected, regularly used lighting circuit'.
  • Note that RCD protection is not mentioned. Therefore, an RCD protected circuit is acceptable.
  • Hard-wired systems must be on a single final circuit.
  • Radio-Linked systems must be on a single final circuit.
  • Radio-Linked systems can be on separate lighting circuits.
For any more advice, call and talk to the IEE, NICEIC, ECA or SELECT. Read/print the above details as a flyer from Aico - pdf file. To view the available domestic fire alarm systems, visit the Fire and Security section, Fire Alarms, Domestic Fire / Heat Alarms, where you can find an up-to-date selection of Aico smoke alarms, Aico Heat alarms, Aico CO alarms, etc. - buy online Aico fire alarms via A comprehensive Aico Smoke and Heat Alarms FAQ can also be found online here and here.