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The 2012 Olympics - London is hosting the Olympics the Third Time!

The 2012 Olympics - London is hosting the Olympics the Third Time!

  2012-06-28         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates

We are fascinated by the infographics coming out again and again, whether they are online / tech news related or otherwise. Recently we stumbled over the series, Celebrate the 2012 London Olympic Games with These 14 Infographics, via, and we were amazed at some of the facts related to London Hosting the 2012 Olympics!

London hosting the Olympics for the Third Time!

Did you know that the city of London, England, UK, is now hosting the 2012 Olympics for the Third Time?

The first time the Olympics were hosted in 1908 when Rome was awarded to host them but Mount Vesuvius erupted and they had to be switched to London.

The second time it was in 1948 after a 12 year hiatus due to the World War II - King Geroge insisted the games should be in London.

And now, in 2012, London beat Paris in the bid and are hosting the Olympic Games again for the Third Time!

Everyone in the UK is super-excited about it, and especially those living in London are looking forward to this!

I mean, for business it can turn out to be an excellent time or a very quiet time - depending on many factors; but in general, everyone is looking forward to the games!

Three Olympics in London - Did You Know?

Inspired from the infographic we were quoting above, we made a short list of, Did You Know? concerning some of the statistics related to London hosting the Olympic Games for the third time.

The 2012 Olympics - London is hosting the Olympics the Third Time!

  • The duration of the games: in 1908 188 days, in 1948 17 days, and in 2012 45 days;
  • Countries participating in the games: in 1908 22 countries, in 1948 59 countries, and in 2012 204 countries;
  • Number of sports at the Olympics: in 1908 there were 22 sports, in 1948 17 sports, and in 2012 26 sports;
  • The number of events increased every time, in 1908 there were 110 events, in 1948 136 events, and in 2012 302 events;
  • The Olympics were officially opened by: King Edward VII in 1908, King George VI in 1948, and Queen Elizabeth II in 2012;
  • What was the Ratio of Athletes Female : Male? In 1908 1 female: 53 male; in 1948 1 female: 10 male; and in 2012 almost 1:1!
  • How much did the Olympics cost? The exponential cost is of £75.000 in 1908, £600.000 in 1948, and 9.300.000.000 in 2012!
  • Who were the top nations to win medals at the Olympics? In 1908 there was Great Britain (1), USA (47), and Sweden (25); in 1948 there was USA (84), Sweden (44), and France (29);
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