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the Aico AFF10915 Fire Cone Hood, Aico fire sock - Intumescent downlight firehood

  2011-02-04         admin         Product News » Fire and Security News
If you make an opening in the ceiling of a fire separating element in order to install a recessed light fitting you must restore the ceiling's fire-stopping integrity. This is a requirement of both the Building Regulations and the IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition. Fitting a recessed downlight can also compromise a ceiling's acoustic properties, enabling sound to readily transmit through the floor above. Building Regulations now require you to maintain the ability of an internal floor to provide reasonable resistance to sound once downlights are fitted in the ceiling. This is where the Aico AFF10915 Fire Hood / Fire Cone / Fire Sock comes in to help!
This firehood from Aico - the AFF10915 Fire Cone / Fire Sock - installs in Seconds but Protects for Life! Ideal for being installed over the downlight - the Aico AFF109/150 Fire Sock / Fire Cone is a great fire protection downlight cover.

Key features of the Aico AFF109/150 Firecap - Downlight Cover

  • Provides a full fire and acoustic barrier when fitting downlights;
  • Tested to a wide range of ceiling types and constructions;
  • Easy to install: no screws, fixing or assembly required;
  • Made from fully intumescent mineral fibre, which expands to over three times its original volume in the event of a fire to provide a highly effective fire stopping seal;
  • Meets the requirements of IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition and building Regulations in terms of fire stopping of penetrations in fire protected ceilings;
  • Lightweight, fully flexible and easy to install with no screws or mastic required - can be fitted in seconds;
  • Suitable for both aluminium and dichroic reflector lamps;
  • Fully ventilated to prevent overheating of the fitting;
  • Ready made cable entry holes for ease of wiring;
  • Non-toxic and maintenance free;
  • Size: 150mm x 150mm;
  • Global assessment accreditation for all common ceiling types and joist constructions;
  • Buy online this Aico fire hood - Aico Fire Sock - via SparksDirect.

Fire Testing Data - the Aico AFF10915 Fire Sock / Fire Hood

  • Products tested: the Aico AFF109/150, AFF109/200, AFF109/250, AFF109/300, AFF109/350;
  • Construction: Suspended ceilings, Solid timber joists protected by plasterboard, Timber or steel/timber composite joists protected by plasterboard;
  • Tested to: BS 476:Pt.21, BS 476:Pt.23;
  • Test No.: Chilt/A02105 Revision B;
  • Duration of protection: 60 minutes;
  • Products: AFF109/105, AFF109/200, AFF109/300;
  • Construction: Plasterboard ceiling under timber joists;
  • Tested to: BS 476:Pt.20, BS 476:Pt.22;
  • Test No.: Chilt/IF03028;
  • Duration of protection: Integrity & Insulation - 120 minutes;

Acoustic Testing Data - The Aico AFF10915 Fire Hood / Fire Socket

All products tested at BRE on party and internal ceilings and were found to reinstate the original acoustic performance, as below:
  • Party Ceilings: 60dB;
  • Internal Ceilings: 40dB;
  • Test No.: 218761/BRE;
  • AFF109/150 150 x 150mm 100g;
  • Fits cut-out (mm) 50-75(Dependant upon fitting size/shape);
  • Max. height of fitting (mm): 83-57(Dependant upon fitting size/shape).
If you don't have a fire protection downlight - like the Illuma Fireseal DDF611 fixed fire protection downlights or the Illuma Fireseal DDF613 adjustable fire rated downlights - and you need to have a fire rated ceiling light, you can use the fire hood - the fire socket / fire sock which can be put on top of the existing downlight! The Aico AFF10915 is 150mm x 150mm and can be purchased via SparksDirect - Fire Protection Downlights.