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The Aico Electrical Contractors Handybook - get it right with the Aico Fire and CO Detectors

  2010-10-06         admin         Safety » Fire Safety
The Aico Smoke Alarms, Heat Alarms, and CO Alarms are some of the best in the market - for both installers and home owners. Fitting smoke alarms is a serious business. Getting it right or wrong can mean the difference between life and death.

To make sure they are fitted right Aico has produced an Electrical Contractors Handybook - how to install / deal with the Fire and CO detectors!

The Electrical Contractors Handybook is written in plain English and covers everything a contractor could want to know about our alarms including:
  • What to fit: # Complying with standards and regs; # Where to fit
  • How to fit: # Wiring diagrams, # Product info
  • How to test and commission: # Full testing checklist, # Coding RadioLINK units, # How to fill in your installation certificate
  • How to maintain and fault find: # Cleaning alarms, # Step by step troubleshooting
  • What to buy: # Product specs, # What works with what
To qualify for a copy of the Handybook, you must be a registered Electrical Contractor who is based and works in the UK, as it is based on UK standards and regulations.

Visit the Aico page to register online and receive the Aico Handybook for the Electrical Contractors, or you can request a Housing Specifiers Pocketbook - essential for those specifying smoke alarms.

22.000 Contractors wouldn't leave home without their Electrical Contractors Handybook!

As for the Housing Specifiers Pocketbook - it will guide you through the steps to take when specifying an alarm system as well as giving you a comprehensive information on testing, commissioning, maintenance, and more.

Aico Fire / Smoke / Heat / CO Alarms - buy online!