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The Airovent WHV-8 and the Airovent WHV-8/14 - Airflow Whole House Ventilation

  2011-01-24         admin         Product News » Ventilation News
Even though we have already introduced the Airovent system(whole house ventilation solution from Airflow), below are some more specs regarding this system - with a link towards the updated specs. All the Airflow Airovent WHV-8 / WHV-8/14 extractor fans are designed to provide extraction levels that comply with the latest Building Regulations 2010 (PART F). With three speed settings for low, medium and high speed extraction Airovent WHV-8 and Airovent WHV-8/14 provide quiet and continuous ventilation. The Airovent WHV-8/14 R model comes equipped with a remote control and built-in humidity sensor for effective use.
Remember: By continuously extracting stale, moist air from the whole house, the Airovent ventilation system creates a healthier indoor environment. This helps to alleviate the problems of dampness and condensation, so benefiting both the fabric of the building and occupant health.

Main Airovent WHV-8 and Airovent WHV-8/14 Features

The Airovent Whole House Ventilation System are an excellent option for whole house ventilation - conveniently located in a loft or cupboard, you won’t even notice it’s there... The Airovent Whole House Ventilation Solutions - Models available via SparksDirect: Recently, Airflow have updated their Test Results performed with the Airflow Airovent WHV-8 and Airovent WHV-814. Please see the PDF file for more specific details.
So, Why Ventilate ? The Airflow fans exceed the requirements of the latest building regulations helping to combat the harmful effects of dampness and condensation and by extracting airborne pollutants such as odours, cooking smells, humid and stale air. The potential hazards to health for occupants and possible damage to the fabric of the building can be largely eliminated.