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The Benefits of Mood Lighting to Create Your Home's Desired Atmosphere - article

The Benefits of Mood Lighting to Create Your Home's Desired Atmosphere - article

  2011-06-10         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

Most people see their home as a place to kick back and relax after a strenuous days work, whilst others use it as a place to socialise by throwing house parties, dinner parties, or by using it as a place to invite your family and friends over and have a quiet drink.

Whatever the occasion, you will need to set the mood for the evening - and there is no better alternative than the use of mood lighting!

Mood lighting is becoming an increasingly popular lighting solution for households and gardens, and there’s no wonder why: it highlights and enhances a particular space with a dramatic effect, as well as allowing you to create multiple moods in your home during set times of the day.

One of the most popular forms of mood lighting is a dimmer switch, which allows you to decide upon the brightness and glow of your lights.

You can alter the mood by increasing or decreasing the brightness of the lights in order to cater to your differing moods and emotions. This also gives you the ability to change the ambience of your rooms at different times of the day.

For example, you may want to dim the lights and relax in the evening whilst you watch the TV, yet for the morning time you may want your bathroom lights to beam brightly when you go for a shower and get set for the working day ahead.

So essentially you can create any mood you want - be it theatrical, peaceful, relaxing or fun. Extra benefits of mood lighting include the reducing the amount of energy you consume - and therefore the reducing the amount you pay for your electricity bill.

When you want to create a quiet and subtle atmosphere, you can dim the lights and reduce the amount of energy you are using – especially in the winter months when the evenings get dark earlier this could save you a substantial amount of money.

Mood lighting has also been used in the classroom, as it has been claimed that it will enhance the  pupil’s academic performance.

The research changed both the light intensity and the colour temperature to see how the pupil’s behaviour and motivation changed; it is said to have made a marked improvement in pupil performance since the introduction of these systems.

This goes to prove that the level of illumination in a room can affect the mood of your behavioural characteristics. In other words, when you are desire to relax and enjoy your evening meal, a subtle light tone will help you unwind and soak up the atmosphere of the evening.

If you are rushing around the office and you need to act pro-actively in order to meet a deadline, the bright colours and lights will keep you alert and enable you to effectively carry out your workload.

Mood lighting and dimmer switches are also great additions for the bathroom lights, as you can turn the lights up in the morning when you need to wake up, stop snoozing and get ready for the day ahead.

Then later in the evening when all your working troubles have passed, you can set the lights to a relaxing and calming tone which will enable you to drift away in the bath and recuperate before you do it all again tomorrow.