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The Best Lighting for Your Garage [Ultimate Guide]

The Best Lighting for Your Garage [Ultimate Guide]

  2023-04-04         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice,   Product News » Designer Lighting News

If you’re looking for some of the best lighting ideas for a garage, then you’re in the right place. A garage is an essential part of any home - not just for parking your car in. Many people turn their garages into their own workshops or a place to store extra items that won't fit in the house.

However, you can't work in a sad and dim space. You need ample lighting to move around safely and conveniently. Good garage lighting can make a world of difference, especially if you use your garage as a workspace or for storage. Read on to learn more about garage lighting ideas.

Why is lighting for garages important? 

Garages are usually darker than other parts of the house because they don't normally have large windows built in to allow natural light inside. Though often taken for granted, lighting for garages is extremely important for the following reasons:

1. Safety

A poorly lit garage can be a safety hazard, as it increases the risk of accidents and injuries. This is particularly dangerous if you have heavy or sharp tools and equipment lying around. 

With proper lighting, you can easily see where you are going and avoid tripping over objects or tools. It is therefore essential for creating a safe and secure environment for you and everybody living in your home.

2. Security

Good lighting for a garage can help deter burglars and intruders, as they are less likely to attempt a break-in if the garage is well-lit.

Installing motion sensor lights can also alert you to any suspicious activity on your property. For commercial garages, lighting is vital to keep your business safe. You don’t want unexpected people, pests, or animals wandering around in your garage at night.

3. Productivity

If you use your garage as a workspace, a well-lit space simply makes it easier to find and access your tools and equipment.

This can save you a lot of time and frustration, and allow you to focus on your projects. Plus, having ample lighting sources prevents you from straining your eye.

4. Aesthetics

Good indoor lighting can also enhance the look and feel of your garage, making it a more appealing and enjoyable space to work in. If you have a garage that serves as a commercial space, having adequate lighting will also make it more inviting to customers and guests.

How bright should your indoor garage lighting be?

How bright should your indoor garage lighting be? See this Astro Lighting Mast textured grey outdoor wall light

A bare bulb or fluorescent strip is not an ideal lighting set-up for your garage. You should consider layering multiple lighting sources to achieve the effect you want. Artificial lighting uses three types of light - ambient, task, and accent.

You will need all three to make your indoor garage lighting truly stand  out.

Ambient lighting is a soft, overhead light used to help you find your way around safely.

Task lighting is a brighter light source that illuminates work and storage areas for better visibility.

Accent lighting falls somewhere in between the first two in terms of brightness.

It is added to emphasize spaces or fixtures that you may want to highlight - like a trophy case or a cherished tool collection.

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What kind of garage lighting ideas should I consider

You can choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor garage lighting fixtures, including:

1. LED lights

LED lights are energy-efficient and provide bright and even lighting for any garage. They use 50% of the wattage of a standard fluorescent tube and as much as 90% less than an incandescent light bulb.

They also last about twice as long, so you won't have to replace them often. You can install LED lights in the form of overhead lights or strip lights along the walls or shelves.

2. Motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights turn on automatically when you enter the garage and turn off after you leave. This is a great energy-saving option if you often forget to turn off the lights. Also, motion sensor lights will deter trespassers from entering your home.

3. Task lighting

If you use your garage as a workspace, task lighting is essential. You can install adjustable lamps or clamp-on lighting for garage that can be positioned exactly where you need them.

4. Natural light

If your garage has windows, consider using natural light as much as possible. This will not only save on your energy bills but also provide a pleasant and healthy environment. You can also install skylights if your garage does not have windows.

5. Smart lighting

smart outdoor garage lighting fixture - IP65 30W Compact RGB LED Floodlight Dimmable in Black with Remote Control

Smart lighting allows you to control your garage lights from a remote, like this smart outdoor garage lighting fixture. You can turn on/off the lights, dim them, or change the colour temperature. This is a great option if you want to customise your lighting to suit different activities.

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6. Floodlights

Floodlights are powerful and broad-beamed lights that are used to illuminate large areas. They are designed to provide a high level of visibility and are great for use in outdoor settings.

You can use them to increase visibility and security. If you use your outdoor space for sports, like mini golf or basketball, flood lights will serve as a great artificial light source for games that go on into the night.

7. Under-cabinet lighting

If you have cabinets or shelves in your garage, under-cabinet lighting for garage can help illuminate the space below. This is a great option if you store small items that are difficult to see in the dark.

8. Flush-mount ceiling light

A flush-mount ceiling light is installed directly on the ceiling. It is a simple, inexpensive garage lighting idea great for lower ceilings since they won't need to be suspended.

9. Floor lamp

If you've converted your garage into a workspace or additional living space, you may need a little more to liven up the area.

A simple floor lamp can do just that! It serves as a source of ambient lighting and an additional piece of furniture that can add aesthetic appeal to your converted garage.

10. Outdoor wall lights

You can set these lights up on either side of your garage to help you see and make your way around better.

Stylish outdoor garage lighting like these wall lights will really open your area up. Plus, it'll make it safer to walk around since you won't have to worry about accidentally tripping on anything.

Looking for the best lighting for your garage?

Looking for the best lighting for your garage - Astro Dartmouth twin led wall up down light in textured black

Good, cost-effective lighting for garage is essential to your safety, convenience, and productivity.

Experiment with different light sources and fixtures to see what fits your style best. By using these garage lighting tips, you can transform your garage from a drab appendage into a cosy extension of your home.

At Sparks Direct, we offer a wide range of high-quality lighting solutions that are perfect for illuminating your garage and making it a safe and functional space.

Whether you're looking for bright overhead lighting, wall-mounted fixtures, or energy-efficient LED bulbs, we have everything you need to create the perfect lighting scheme for your garage. 

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