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The Best Value-for-Money Bathroom Ventilation Fan: Silent yet Stylish

The Best Value-for-Money Bathroom Ventilation Fan: Silent yet Stylish

  2013-02-12         sparksdirect         Advice » Ventilation Advice

We did some research recently into what is the best bathroom fan, especially when it comes to these three criteria: silent, stylish, and value for money.

We asked both our customers and our consultants over the counter, and the result is unequivocally the Silent 100 from Envirovent (sorry to spoil the surprise). And here are some reasons why we came to this conclusion.

A Bathroom Fan that is Silent!

The SIL100T Silent 100mm bathroom fan is a 26.5db(A) at 3m fan - which mainly means that it is very silent. It is so annoying when you go to the bathroom and the fan - which comes on automatically - is loud in its operation!

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. You don't even want to be there.

But with the Silent 100 fan, there is no such problem: its incredible silent running will ensure you virtually don't even hear it - it simply operates in the background.

A Stylish Bathroom Fan?

People pay attention to style, but sometimes in the bathroom, you may not even need too much style (unless you're planning to spend a lot of time there). In our research and comparison, we have found other bathroom ventilation fans that are more stylish, but the Silent 100 with timer was right.

The white or silver finish gives it a plus - it can match the design of the bathroom.

Best Value for Money

This is the tricky part: who wants to pay close to £100 for a bathroom fan? At this point in our research we realized that there's no other fan yet that can match the value for money Silent 100 Fan from Envirovent can.

A little less than £50 (VAT included) will ensure you will have a wall, window, or ceiling-mounted fan with a timer included, with a full IP45 rating for bathroom use.

Other Gold Stars

Style, silence, and value for money is not all EnviroVent has to offer with SIL100T.

Read more via, New Cheaper Silent Fan (the EnviroVent 100 Fan with adjustable timer), and visit our website to find out more about the IP rating, the high performance, the dimensions, the timer module, the energy saving properties, the guarantee, the motor speed, the lightweight, and many other little gold stars on this fan.

Question: if you purchased and installed one of these, or if you have seen them in action, what do YOU think? Are they as good as this article says, or better?