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the cheapest convector heater with wall mounting option: cheap and easy to install!

the cheapest convector heater with wall mounting option: cheap and easy to install!

  2011-12-15         sparksdirect         Product News » Heating News

We do not have snow outside yet, but it is getting pretty cold out and rumours of snow falling are beginning to show as being true even as far as London...

No matter how much you may like the cold weather, I am sure that you want it to be nice and warm when you come inside, whether at home or in the office!

By using the SCAN 2kW convector heater you can have an easy way to heat up the room or the office - at the same time spending less for the heating solution!

The SCAN heater is the cheapest available convector heater you can find - a reduced price for this convector heater with a wall mounting option! If you need it "out of the way", you can mount this heater on the wall.

Cheap convector heater: it does the job and it is very easy to install!

Cheaper Convector Heater for home or office use

  • Three basic heat settings: 750W, 1.25kW, and 2kW;
  • This convector heater has a Light Indicator;
  • Thermostat: a fully adjustable thermostat for effective heat control;
  • Heat limit: Automatic Safety Temperature Limit;
  • Quick warming up time, heat offered through the top;
  • The Cheapest Convector Heater available - the SCAN 2KW convector heater;
  • Wall mounting: Secure wall-mounted option, brackets and fixings included.
  • This heater comes fitted with approved flex;
  • Stylish yet simple design, floor or wall mounted heater;
  • Dimensions: 580mm width, 105mm depth;
  • Heat offered: max. 2kW convection heat;
  • Available for in-store pick-up only;
  • Buy online the SCAN 2KW Convector Heater for home/office use.