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The cheapest Window Fan - the XF3 Manrose 100mm extractor fan with timer

The cheapest Window Fan - the XF3 Manrose 100mm extractor fan with timer

  2011-08-08         sparksdirect         Product News » Ventilation News

Have you ever wondered HOW MUCH will a 4inch Window Fan cost? You can calculate at SparksDirect what the answer would be, but we would like to assure you:

the Manrose XF3 + the WK4MAN kit offers you the simplest, cheapest, and also most reliable 100mm window extractor fan!
When you purchase these two together you will see - the best price in the market for a window fan, easy to install, and all these topped up with a high quality Manrose Fan! The XF3 from Manrose is also known as the Manrose XF100T - it has a timer module incorporated.

The cheapest Window Fan - the XF3 100mm Manrose extractor fan with timerThis fan is a quiet and efficient device with an impressive extract rate of 85m3/hr - 23 litres per second. As for it's construction, the Manrose XF3 is manufactured using high ABS thermoplastic for strength and durability, aesthetics and easy cleaning.

This window fan is designed to fully comply with the 2006 building Regulations on Ventilation (F1).

Ideal extractor fan for bathroom, toilets, kitchens, or wherever you need it in the house. Though small, the XF3 from Manrose is pretty powerful for its size!

The Cheapest Window Fan - Manrose XF3 + WK4MAN

  • Mains voltage extractor fan;
  • 100mm fan: 4inch domestic extractor fan for ventilation;
  • Extractor fan for wall or ceiling mounting;
  • Maximum Pressure: 20 p.a; Fan Speed: 2400 r.p.m;
  • Sound Volume: 41.0 dB(A); Quiet and efficient;
  • Extracting rate: 85m3/hr, 23 litres per second;
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 40 degs C;
  • Timer: incorporated integral adjustable electronic timer (1-20sec);
  • Dimensions: Width 163mm, Height 163mm,
  • Projection 30mm; Recess Depth: 45mm; Cutout: 98mm.
  • Fan Colour / Finish: White extractor fan;
  • Model: Manrose XF100T / Manrose XF3;
  • Window fan: this extractor fan can be converted into a Window Fan with the help of the WK4MAN kit;
  • Manufactured using high ABS thermoplastic;
  • Complies with the 2006 building Regulations on Ventilation (F1);
  • Price: the lowest price for a 4inch extractor fan!