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The composition of the Illuma Trac12 miniature track system, low voltage tracks

  2009-12-01         admin         Product News » Lighting News
The Illuma Trac12 has already been introduced here on our blog, but in the meantime we created a special page with an enlarge picture explaining what are the components of the Illuma Trac12 low voltage track fittings. Below is a smaller version of this picture - the composition of the Illuma Trac12 miniature track system(ideal for the spaces where neatness is paramount).

Illuma track lighting systems, the Illuma Trac12, miniature 2A track system

View online the composition and components of the Illuma Trac12, the Illuma 1-circuit Track, or the Illuma Marktrack, and buy online the Illuma Trac12 range of low voltage track fittings. Sample spotlights used with the Illuma Trac12 are the TL110WH(Illuma Track12 20W Gimbal Ring halogen lamp) or TL112WH(Illuma Track12 20W Cylinder halogen lamp).

Illuma Trac12 - miniature 20A track sustem ideal for where space is tight or neatness is paramount TL38(WH and BL) - Live-end/connector and Dead-end. For use with track sections that are cut on site TL20(WH and BL) - Adjustable connector. Joins track sections at variable angles TL24(WH and BL) - Right-angle connector TL4(WH and BL) - 1134mm length 0.20kg with Live-end/connector and dead-end