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The consumer units from Hager(2): choices, high quality, accessories, variants, and performance

  2009-04-28         admin         Product News » Consumer Units News
This is a continuation of the article concerning the Hager consumer units - introducing the domestic consumer units from Hager - where you can find out more about:
More choice and less hassle - the consumer units from Hager
Hager is renowned for quality, reliability and choice; the New Consumer Unit range has been designed with the same attention to detail.
  • MCBs with easy-fit and replaceable din clip;
  • Metal din rail;
  • Plain and glazed door options;
  • Rounded corners – safer in transit;
  • Installer snapable busbar;
  • Configurable terminal bars.
The Hager Consumer Units - Quality, reliability and choice.
With pre-configured and configurable variants, choice comes as standard. With the full metal din rail, devices are fixed securely. On configurable variants, the snapable busbar allows the contractor the choice of configuration. The MCBs feature a new din clip allowing the installer to remove and replace a device without removing the busbar from other devices.

Incomer variants of Hager Consumer Units

  • Switch disconnector; 63 & 100A;
  • RCCB; 40A 30mA, 63A 30mA, 100A 30mA;
  • Split load; 100A Switch disconnector, 63A/80A/100A RCCB;
  • Split load time delayed; 100mA time delayed RCCB 63A 30mA RCCB;
  • Split load twin RCCB; 100A switch disconnector + 2 x RCCB;
  • Twin tariff; 2 x 100A switch disconnector;
  • Multi tariff; 2 x 100A 1 x 63A switch disconnectors.

IP ratings of the Hager Consumer Units

  • Metal: IP3X with door closed;
  • Insulated: IP3X door closed and insulated top wall (IP4X top wall only);
  • IP2XC with door open, and full complement of devices / blanks fitted.
The classification for the service condition, where all external cable entries are satisfactorily sealed to prevent insertion of a rigid steel rod of 2.5mm diameter in accordance with BS EN 60529.

Hager Consumer Units - accessories

The New Hager Consumer Unit has been designed to be the most versatile consumer unit available on the market today. The accessories below can be used to customise standard consumer units and enclosures to almost any configuration.
  • 1 module blank piece;
  • 8 module busbar;
  • 12 module busbar;
  • 22 module busbar;
  • Neutral link;
  • Locking kit;
  • Incoming tail connection kit.

Hager Consumer units performance characteristics

  • Limits of operation: - Ue = 240V, a.c. - Ui = 300V, a.c. - In = 63A (max) outgoing, rated frequency: 50Hz, - Icc = conditional prospective short circuit - 16kA at 240V, 50Hz, Pf 0.6. - Classification: Environment B - Maximum outgoing circuit = 63A 1P MCB/45A RCBO - Protection of persons: indirect contact via protective circuit (metal enclosure), direct contact enclosure
  • Pollution degree 2 (with Hager outgoing devices installed)
  • Suitable for indoors use only
  • Suitable for the following earthing systems = TN-S, TT, TNC-S.
  • For dimensional information and weights please consult the manufacturers catalogue
  • All connections are classified as - Type F
  • Please consult Hager for applications where this consumer unit will be flush mounted in a hollow / cavity wall
Read the first part of this article - introduction to the consumer units from Hager. Please note that this article was taken from the official specification offered by Hager here. To purchase Hager consumer units(and 17th Edition Consumer units), please visit the Consumer Units, Domestic Consumer Units, Hager Consumer Units or Industrial and Commercial Consumer Units - Hager. Watch the Consumer Unit 17th Edition regulations movie from Hager for more details about the 17th edition consumer units.