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The Double Socket Rules! Best selling wiring devices - the twin sockets at SparksDirect!

  2011-01-20         admin         Sparks Direct News » Promotions
As we were going through the most sold products and the most famous / visited products on our website, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the Double Socket Rules! The best selling products - and the devices which everyone needs - are the switched twin sockets!

No matter the finish or the make, they are the most requested items - not only at sparksdirect.co.uk, but also in general at an Electrical Wholesaler!

What other wiring device do you usually need + see in a room at home but the classical double socket in either painted finish, white moulded finish, or metal finish!?! It makes sense now, and we're delighted to bring you the following Top Selling Twin Sockets!

The Forbes and Lomax DS13 13amp Switched Double Socket, in a Painted finish, with White Insert/Rocker

The Forbes and Lomax DS13 is a stylish twin socket in a painted finish - ideal for the places where you want to maintain the colour / pattern / design of the wall and so you will need to paint over the socket!

This painted / paintable double socket from Forbes and Lomax is a great solution for both home and office use! Above all, it is a flat plate double socket - switched twin socket.

It can be almost a "customizable socket" - since you can "change its colour". And, via Sparks, you can purchase the Forbes and Lomax DS13 painted socket at the Best Price!

The MK Logic Plus K2747WHI 13A Twin Switched Socket Outlet White Plastic

Double Pole 13A twin socket from MK - this is that stylish white plastic socket you see in many places / homes / offices where they don't use metal plate wiring devices!

It is NOT that "bulky" one, but the stylish MK K2747WHI Double Socket is part of the MK Logic Plus range! The Logic Plus wiring devices from MK Electric have been designed to perfectly complement the modern interiors, offering an unobtrusive and sophisticated look and in the same time keeping with today’s design.

The SBS22G Stainless Flat Plate Double Socket, Twin  Switched Socket 13A

The Stainless Steel Flat Plate Double Socket SBS22G is indeed available at SparksDirect for an amazing price!

People love it and need it at the same time - with switches in brushed chrome and NO PLASTIC SURROUND, the SBS22G is a decorative screwed stainless steel grey 13A switched socket 2 gang double pole.

Also introduced as the Flat Plate Metal Socket, the Decorative Brushed Chrome Flat Plate Double Socket, etc. A Top 3 Best Selling Wiring Device!

Check out the other Twin Sockets via the Switches and Sockets section on our website!