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The GET Smart Wireless System modes of operation: dimming mode and scene mode

  2010-05-01         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
We have previously introduced the GET Smart Wireless Dimmers - a fascinating approach to controllable lighting(with a small video guide), the devices comprised in this range(with a small Q&A about the GET Wireless Dimmers) - these devices are easy to install, versatile, and they give you the peace of mind. In brief, the GET Smart Wireless Lighting System allows you to create lighting ambience and mood scenes in your home or business while at the same time giving you complete control from stylish fixed and portable control units. The system works by sending wireless signals from Controllers to wired Receiver units. These receiver units in turn control any light fittings that you connect to them. The controllers are battery operated and wireless. They communicate with the receivers via radio waves. Controllers can therefore be placed anywhere you like, and can be moved elsewhere at any time. Most lamps are compatible with the system – all you have to do is connect them to a receiver and follow the programming instructions. You can find all the GET Smart Wireless devices on our website - Dimming Systems.

The System has two modes of operation: the Dimming Mode and the Scene Mode.

The GET Wireless Dimmers - Dimming Mode

In Dimming Mode, the Controller acts as a 4 channel dimmer – e.g. pressing Button 1 turns the lights connected to Button 1 on and off (see the diagram below) and these lights can then be dimmed by using the up and down keys. The same applies for Buttons 2, 3 and 4. Centre Button Operation – When the Controller centre button is pressed, all channels (and lights connected to those channels) will turn on and off together. They can then be dimmed up or down, as one, simply by using the up and down keys.

The GET Wireless Dimmers - Scene Mode

In Scene Mode you can set and recall up to 4 lighting scenes per Controller. Once the scenes have been set, pressing Button 1 turns Scene 1 on and off (see the diagram below). Pressing Button 2 turns Scene 2 on and off (see the diagram below). The same applies for Scenes 3 and 4. Once selected, a scene can be dimmed by pressing the up and down arrow keys on the Controller.

The GET Wireless Dimmers - Master Controller Mode

Any Controller can be made into a Master Controller. The Master Mode allows you to control up to 4 Room Controllers from one Master Controller, e.g. control whole house lighting from one Controller. Once programmed, pressing Button 1 on the Master Controller will turn Scene 1 on and off in Room 1, pressing Button 2 on the Master Controller will turn Scene 1 on and off in Room 2 etc. Pressing the centre button turns on/off scene 1 in all Rooms (see the diagram below + see the available GET Smart devices at SparksDirect).

Read more about the GET Wireless Dimmers + purchase them online via SparksDirect online store. The above information is "inspired" from the official specs from GET - the GET Smart Wireless Intro.