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the GET Video guide to the GET Smart Wireless Lighting System, wireless dimmers

  2010-04-09         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
After introducing the GET Wireless Dimming system in a fascinating approach(versatile and easy to install wireless lighting controls available online via the Dimming Systems section) please consult the Video Guide to the GET Smart Wireless Lighting Systems for more details on their functioning, siting, and the composition of this system. We have compiled below the main items introduced / dealt with in this >3mins video presentation of the GET Wireless Dimmers.

Video Guide to the GET Smart Wireless Lighting System

  • The GET Smart Wireless Lighting System allows you to create and set lighting scenes in and around your home or workplace, enhancing security and energy saving;
  • You can control ceiling, wall, and free standing lights;
  • Security at night with whole house lighting control from the bedside;
  • Set and control lighting scenes in any room from wireless wall mounted or remote controllers;
  • Set the mood when entertaining;
  • With wireless controllers you can now dim and control lights from within your bathroom;
  • You can have a portable or fixed controller;
  • Set and control garden lighting scenes with the wireless remote controllers from any location;
  • In any location - receiver can be mounted in weatherproof enclosures;
  • Control your whole house from one master controller - giving you greater security and improved energy efficiency - versatile!
  • You can even control your lights from 30 metres away!
  • No new wiring required for the GET Wireless Dimming System;
  • Complementary finishes: Additional finished faceplates match the GET's Ultimate range of wiring accessories;
  • Tomorrow's technology at an affordable price.
Soon, we'll post on our blog the most asked questions about the GET Smart Wireless Lighting Systems. Until then - consult our Switches and Sockets article database, or visit the GET Smart Wireless Lighting Control System section.