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The HWP2 Patio Heater - IP55 weather resistant 1.5kW Halogen heater for outdoors

  2010-03-03         admin         Product News » Heating News
HWP2-WThe BN Thermic HWP2 Patio Heater is a halogen heater for outdoors providing safe and instant warmth in a variety of outdoor environments - ideally used on the patio. The way it works is by emitting short wave radiant energy which cannot be "distracted/cut off" by the breeze. The HWP2 Patio Heater is ideally sited in patios, pavement cafes, pub gardens, golf driving ranges, outdoor restaurants, outdoor smoking areas, etc. It is an economical solution for outdoor heating - its running costs about one third of equivalent gas heater. Being IP55 rated, this patio heater is complete safe to be used outdoors and also to be left outdoors(waterproof). Read more below about the main features of these patio heaters, the areas covered and the auxiliary remote control devices that can be used with the HWP2 Patio Heaters.

HWP2 Patio Heater - More Features

  • To be installed outdoors(can also be left outdoors - it is IP55 rated);
  • The lamp is replaceable(there are replacement elements for this fitting);
  • 5,000 hour lamp life - approximately five times longer than with glass fronted heaters;
  • The bracket for wall mounting and the parasol brackets are supplied;
  • Finishes available: - White IP55 Weather Resistant Halogen Heater 1.5KW; - Black Patio Heater IP55 Outdoor heater (Weather Proof);
  • Powerful 1.5KW output(1.5kW replacement lamp);
  • The cable/lead: 2m cable lead supplied;
  • IP rating: IP55 rated(can be used outdoors, even under heavy rain);
  • Dimensions: height 120mm, width 480mm, depth/projection 120mm;
  • Weight: approx. 1.7kg;

The HWP2 Patio heaters - Weather Resistant Halogen heaters

Patio Heater IP55 Outdoor heater (Weather Proof) - the black version
The HWP2 Patio Heater IP55 Outdoor heater (Weather Proof) - the black version

IP55 Weather Resistant Halogen Heater 1.5KW White
The HWP2 Patio Heater Weather Resistant Halogen Heater 1.5KW - White finish

Areas covered by the HWP2 Patio Heater

Optional remote mounted control devices

The wall mounted movement sensor to ensure that heaters are not energised when an area is unoccupied.  The device will switch loads of up to 16 amps (3kW 230V).  Larger and three phase loads can be controlled via a suitably rated contactor.

The wall mounted switch timer - capable of directly switching single phase loads up to 20 amps.  Larger and three phase loads can be switched via a suitable contactor.  The switch is tamper proof and weatherproof to IP54 making it ideal for installation in public areas such as pub gardens.  Time delay can be adjusted between 10 and 150 minutes.

The combined dimmer and on/off switch controls loads of up to 13 amps (3kW 230V).  This device allows the intensity of a halogen heater to be manually adjusted to suit prevailing conditions.

Buy online the HWP2 Patio Heater - the black patio heater or the white version of this patio heater - online via Heating and Ventilation - Heating Solutions.