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the LED technology coming to outdoor lighting - Bollard and Ceiling lights

the LED technology coming to outdoor lighting - Bollard and Ceiling lights

  2012-04-20         sparksdirect         Product News » Lighting News

The high efficiency LED are playing a more and more important role not only in automotive and street signaling, but also in the domestic and commercial lighting compartment.

More and more you can see the LED lighting being applied in the shops, in retail, and even in our own home - in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the study room, in the living room, and even in the bedroom.

The main features of this new revolutionary technology are:

  • A lifetime close to 50.000 hours maintaining 70% of the initial luminous flux: this feature strongly reduces maintenance and substitution costs of lamps;
  • High and quickly growing luminous efficiencies (lumen per watt) now higher than fluorescent lamps which allows huge energy savings;
  • Higher safety achieved by means of extra low voltage supplying;
  • Extremely wide white colour range from 3000K to 6000K with high rendering (CRI);
  • Solid colour LEDs for scenographic or decorative fittings;
  • Extreme versatility in design and decorative highlighting;
  • No UV or IR radiation in the beam - the lighted objects are not discolored or heated;
  • Instant switch on (even at very low temperature), shock and vibration proof.
  • Energy saving lighting solutions: with or without the LED driver, these fittings are low energy consumption.

New LED Outdoor Lights and Ceiling Lights

We have recently started adding new energy saving outdoor LED lights and ceiling LED lights.

It is amazing how the LED technology is becoming more and more used in the domestic and commercial lighting applications.

Not only strip lights and discreet lights, but even the wall lamps, ceiling lights, garden lights, flood lights, etc - are using the LED technology!

Don't forget to check out the LED Lighting section on our website for our full range of LED fittings for both indoor and outdoor use.