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The LEDs explained: LED types, LED power supply, and standard references

The LEDs explained: LED types, LED power supply, and standard references

  2012-05-01         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

Please note: these LED strip lights, LED modules, and LED dimmers may no longer available at Sparks - all our LED Lights and LED dimming modules can be found online.

The LEDs, based on supply current and power, can be classified into two main families:

  1. The POWERLED - can be supplied with current more than 100mA with typical values of 350mA, 700mA, 1A e 1,5A. Referring to white, blue and green LEDS with a maximum forward voltage of 4V, the above current values correspond approximately to 1W, 3W, 4W, 6W power. These type of LEDs must be controlled precisely in current, therefore must be connected in series.
  2. The SIGNAL LED (“MINILED”) - whose supply current is about 20-70mA and therefore corresponding power is of 0,1-0,3 watt. Also coming in white, blue, green signal, these leds have a typical forward voltage of 4V (only 2V for red and yellow leds). The strip and LED modules with signal leds are designed for constant voltage supplying, 12V-24V typically and for parallel connection.

Power supply and dimmers for LED modules

Basing on above considerations there have been two power supplies families that have been developed:

  1. The power supplies for POWERLED for constant current driving (CDT “Current Drive Technology) and serial module connection. The typical driving currents are 350mA, 500mA, 700mA, 1A with an output voltage depending on number of modules and power supply chosen with a maximum of 48V.
  2. The power supplies for Signal LED “ MINILED” for constant voltage driving (or VDT ”Voltage drive Technology). The typical voltage values are 12V and 24V and the needed output power of drivers depends on number of modules.
Within the range of of POWERLED and MINILED power supplies there are specific "dimmable LED" types. The dimming can be of 0-10V signal type or potentiometer and “push” by push button. Besides, both for standard and dimmable types, multipurpose models are provided with constant current and voltage output selectable by means of jumper connection or dip-switch. To control the RGB (red-green-blue) modules, suitable 3 channels power supplies and regulators are designed. The control signal may be “push” by button, by potentiometer or remote control and with special protocol like DMX. Also here for RGB POWERLED is provided current driving and for MINILED voltage driving.

Standard references for LEDs

  • Safety reference standard: the EN61347 and related annexes.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility requirements the reference is for Radio interferences the EN55015 standard,
  • Harmonics: the EN61000-3-2,
  • Immunity: the EN61547.

General warnings related to LEDs

  • The LED power supplies must be installed in suitable situations according to max ambient operating temperature ta indicated on catalog.
  • The number of LED modules connected to a driver must not exceed provided power and voltage limits.