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The Lutron Grafik QS Complete Light Control Solution, the system components

  2009-12-18         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
The Lutron Grafik QS light control solution is the latest innovation in the area of energy saving total dimming systems, and here are some applications of the preset scenes in commercial and residential settings. This article below introduces the main components of the Lutron Grafik QS system (like the GRAFIK Eye® QS, the Sivoia® QS blind, the Ethernet/RS232 interfaces, the Input/Output device, the seeTouch® QS wallstations, the QS smart panel power supply, and the Sivoia QS infrared remote), including the main features of the Lutron QS Control panel.

The Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS system - The System Components

Left: The Lutron Grafik Eye QS panel

  • Preset control of both lighting and shading zones from one control;
  • Astronomic and programmable time clock provides scheduling to meet energy code requirements;
  • Information display provides easily read energy savings, lighting levels, and time clock information;
  • Connection port for IR receiver, PC, and occupancy sensor.

Right: The Sivoia QS blind

  • Provides ultra-quiet, precision control of daylight
  • Simple, low-voltage installation
  • Sheer, privacy, and blackout fabrics available in a variety of colours and styles

Left: Ethernet/RS232 interfaces - Allow for seamless integration of lights and blinds with A/V and building management systems

Right: Input/Output device - Simple, third-party interface with contact closure input - Low-voltage control for A/C motors

The Lutron seeTouch® QS wallstations

  • Available in a variety of styles and button configurations;
  • Available with or without raise/lower buttons and an infrared sensor;
  • Control blinds, lights, or a combination of both;
  • Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes;
  • Standard and custom engraving available for ease of operation.

Left: QS smart panel power supply

  • Provides power and communication wiring to Sivoia QS blinds, wallstations, and other devices
  • Manual override buttons for system verification
  • Built-in link diagnostics for easy confirmation of system wiring and communication

Right: Sivoia QS infrared remote

  • Offers open/close and fine-tune raise/lower control
  • Can send commands to an individual blind or to a group of blinds
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