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The Lutron Integrated lighting controls for your home and coordinating the Lutron Accessories

  2010-05-20         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
After extensively introducing the Lutron Dimmers - the Lutron Lyneo range, the Lutron Rania range, and the Lutron Solina range - we have to admit that Lutron offers more than just single dimmers. You can actually control all the lights in one room or even in the whole house from just one button and control natural light with the Lutron motorised window solutions(see the Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 range and the Lutron Grafik QS ranges, including the Grafik QS multi-room control system). Lutron can also link the lighting controls to your security and AV systems. The possibilities are endless!

Coordinating the Lutron accessories and the Lutron wallplates

Lutron offers a comprehensive range of accessories to coordinate the finish and colour of power outlets, switches and jacks with your Lutron dimmers. Two Lutron products can also be framed together. There are many accessories available for Lyneo, Rania and Rania, like:
  • Lutron Switches;
  • Lutron Power outlet;
  • Lutron Phone jacks;
  • Lutron TV/SAT/CABLE;
  • Lutron Dimmable transformers for low voltage lighting – 50W and 105W.

How to install a Lutron dimmer in four easy steps

  1. Turn power OFF at the breaker panel or fuse box. Disconnect the wires from the existing switch.
  2. Remove the clip cover and control plate from the switch mounting.
  3. Connect wires to the terminals of the dimmer.
  4. Mount the dimmer and the wallplate. Turn the Power ON at the beaker panel or fusebox.

To find out more about the Lutron Dimmers, we recommend the articles about the Lutron Wallbox Dimmers and the Lutron Grafik Eye range via the Articles on Switches & Sockets section. Buy online the Lutron Dimmers at the section called Lutron Dimming Solutions.