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The main features of the Lutron Grafik Eye QS Control Panel

  2010-02-11         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
One of the latest additions to the Total Lighting Control Systems from Lutron is the Lutron Grafik Eye QS range - customisable preset light and blind control system. You can see some of the preset scenes for the residential and commercial residents, or the Grafik Eye QS system components - via the Switches & Dimmers page. Below is a further introducing of the main features of the Grafik QS panel from Lutron.

  1. Control your blinds This group of backlit labeled buttons enable you to control the blinds - they are changeable in the field, fully customizable.
  2. Backlit zone buttons You can raise or lower each group of lights. There are at least 6 groups of lights/6 zones, and the LEDs indicate the current light level for each zone.
  3. Information display You can easily read the energy savings, the lighting levels, and the time clock information in multiple language options.
  4. The Time - clock This simple clock provides scheduling in order to meet energy code requirements - available in multiple language options.
  5. Infrared remote control Infrared support - this panel can be controlled with a hand-held infrared remote controller.
  6. Control your lights This group of backlit labeled buttons are for selecting the scenes, with or without the blinds - they are changeable in the field, fully customizable.
  7. The colour options The Lutron Grafik Eye QS is available in multiple colours and finishes for an endless combination that will accent any d├ęcor.
  8. Connect the Grafik Eye QS to: - The infrared receiver; - The personal computer; - The low-voltage occupancy sensor (24 volt); - An A/V and building management systems via RS232/ethernet interface; - Other cccessory wallstations; - Other additional GRAFIK Eye QS control units; - The Sivoia QS roller blinds.
This simple guide is as presented by Lutron in their marketing materials, widely available online. To purchase the Grafik QS Systems from Sparks Electrical, please visit the Lutron Grafik Eye Systems.