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The Perfect Green Deal Bathroom Ventilation Fans: the Airflow LOOVENT Eco!

The Perfect Green Deal Bathroom Ventilation Fans: the Airflow LOOVENT Eco!

  2014-11-11         sparksdirect         Product News » Ventilation News

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and selling airflow ventilation systems, Airflow has a wide range of bathroom fans and kitchen fans, including the LOOVENT Eco range.

The Perfect Green Deal Bathroom Ventilation Fans: the Airflow LOOVENT Eco!

Continuing its range of LOOVENT fans of "legendary reputation" since 1969 or so, Airflow has transformed this range into a modern 2-speed ECO version for a safer, cheaper to run, low energy, and more modern bathroom ventilation.

With a discreet style in a modular design, and extremely easy to install and maintain, the LOOVENT Eco bathroom centrifugal fans are quiet and come with either a timer, a humidity timer, or a motion sensor with timer.

The Airflow 72684308 timer version for example allows you to set the run-on timer between 2 and 24 minutes, and you can select a delay of two minutes after the light is turned on in the bathroom.

This fan can be connected to the light switch, and it comes with a momentary pull-cord switch as a "manual boost" override for you to switch to the second speed (the standard speed is the first one).

The Airflow LOOVENT eco range of fans is great for bathrooms and toilets where the duct runs are long since the centrifugal impeller is powerful enough to move air over longer distances when met with pressure resistance from ducting.

The Airflow Loovent ECO fans can be installed in Portrait or Landscape in the Bathroom or Toilet

With an ingress protection rating of IPx5, these fans are suitable for use in zone 1 or 2 with a 30mA RCD (as defined in Section 701 BS7161:2008 IEEE Wiring Regulations, 17th Edition). They also comply with the latest Building Regulations, Approved Document F (part L).

The Airflow Loovent ECO fans can be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted, as needed.

This range of bathroom fans successfully replaces the old-style (very popular) LOOVENT fans; the spigot position is identical and the back plates are the same size (reworking is thus minimal).

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Airflow LOOVENT Eco Bathroom Fans - Features and Benefits

  • Economical to operate: the "low setting" uses only 3.5W to provide continuous ventilation, the "high speed" 12W (for "boosting" the ventilation). Cheaper to run.
  • High extraction rate: 62 m³/hr at low speed, 110 m³/hr boost.
  • Very quiet running: 29 / 47 dB(A) at 3m.
  • Low SPF: only 0.21 / 0.40 w/l/s
  • Compact design: modernized curved edge design.
  • Longer life ball bearing motor.
  • LOOVENT Eco T: complete with a timer which can be set to run on 2-45 mins.
  • Internal electrics: now contained inside a separate sealed housing (very safe).
  • Ideal for new builds and refurbishments, with a small footprint and a modern design. Great for bathrooms, toilets, en-suites, utilities room, kitchens, etc.
  • Green Deal: The LOOVENT eco dMEV version will be the perfect solution for the “Green Deal” which is the latest Government initiative and ideal if you have added additional insulation to your home. This fan will combat any problems with condensation and mould and remove any odors that may occur.
  • Ducting: 100mm / 4-inch fan.
  • Fan dimensions: 187 mm width, 167 mm height, 138 mm depth.
  • Double insulated: does not require an earth connection.
  • Mounting: can be surface or recessed, portrait or landscape, as needed.
  • Location: it is important to locate this fan in the best location for an optimal performance, ideally at the furthest point away from where the replacement air enters in the bathroom.
  • IP rating: IPx5, suitable for use in the bathroom (zones 1 and 2)
  • Mains voltage: 100 / 240V - 50/60Hz single phase supply.

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LOOVENT Eco Fans - a Fan for Every Application!

  • New Build: LOOVENT eco gives the Specifier of ventilation for new dwellings the opportunity to select low energy efficient intermittent extraction in toilets, en-suites, bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens in compliance with the latest Building Regulations. For better sealed houses and those Specifiers implementing a decentralized, whole-house ventilation strategy the continuous ventilation dMEV model is the ideal choice.
  • Repair and Refurbishment: From simple DIY to planned upgrade and refurbishment the LOOVENT eco provides proven performance with outstanding reliability and functionality. Built on the pedigree of over 2 million Loovents sold since it’s introduction in 1969, the next generation LOOVENT eco even has the same mounting points and offset spigot position of its predecessor making it quick and simple to replace.
  • Social Housing: It is not only low energy, but incorporates quiet operation and good value that concerns Social Housing Specifiers. With the move away from ad-hoc repairs to longer-term planned maintenance programmes the Asset Manager has his eye on long-life components that require minimal ongoing maintenance, LOOVENT eco with ball bearing motor technology provides the assurance of many years of trouble-free operation that can be relied upon for inclusion in their MRS planning.
And the good news is that, for a limited period of time, you can purchase the LOOVENT Eco 4-inch 72684305 with timer and the version with humidistat 72684306 at a lower price than usual. If you're a LOOVENT fan or you need a high-quality centrifugal ventilation fan with low noise operation, energy-saving ECO credentials, low cost maintenance, and compliance with the Green Deal requirements, you should definitely check these fans out at Sparks!