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The Rako RAH-SMART handheld remote control, programmable remote controller

The Rako RAH-SMART handheld remote control, programmable remote controller

  2011-07-22         sparksdirect         Product News » Dimming Systems News

We do our best to introduce the main Rako Wireless modules, both the "blobs" / the dimming drivers and the other devices that are more auxiliary but also help with the system.

Please note: this handheld remote control is no longer available; see here the full range of Rako Controls available.

It is time to talk a little about the smart remote controller - which is quite expensive, but it is extremely intelligent! Check out the description below and see for yourself!

What is the Rako RAH-SMART handheld remote control?

The RAH-Smart hand controller from Rako offers a stylish handset with a colour display screen to give more user information and flexibility. 

This handset can be used in multiple rooms - which are selectable from the menu, and allows Room, Scene and Channel naming.

Also available on the screen: the curtain and blind controls with open/closed and individual blind control options.

The controller is shipped with factory default settings - you will need to program it in order to operate correctly with your specific RAKO system.

The Rako RAH Smart remote controller can be programmed manually using its keypad with the attached instructions.

You can also make sure that the RAH Smart is pre-programmed by the system installer through the USB interface.

How does the Rako RAH-SMART handheld remote control operate?

Typically, the controller will be used to control lights in one or more rooms. The remote controller can issue "scene" commands that recall preset light levels for each dimmer, or can control individual circuits separately.

Also, the Rako RAH-SMART remote controller can also be used to open and close curtains and blinds. In this case, the curtains and blinds have been programmed to a different logical "room" to that used by the lights.

The "lighting room" and the "curtains room" can be combined using the "group setup" menus.

Once this is done, the shortcut key on the side of the controller can be used to quickly switch between the lighting control and the curtain control.

This remote controller has a bright OLED colour display giving feedback of room, scene and circuit descriptions.

It is a simple, effective and complete control of all Rako devices is possible.

The unit can be configured either manually using the on-screen prompts or with the RASOFT programming software.

Using the relevant RF interfaces the RAHSMART can also be used to control window treatments with the Rako RACUB module and multi-room audio systems with the appropriate interface module.

RAKOM coded radio transmission eliminates the need for direct line of sight to the dimmers or wall plates, unlike infrared based systems.

Key Feature: Control of up to 64 rooms is possible from a single remote! Power is provided by three AAA or LR03.
You can buy online the Rako Wireless Smart Remote Control via the Wireless Dimming Systems section on our website.