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The stainless steel range of switches, dimmers and sockets from Forbes and Lomax

  2009-03-23         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
Forbes and Lomax is one of the top manufacturers of flat metal plate switches, dimmers and sockets, offering high quality stylish wiring devices for both domestic and commercial use. On our website you can find a wide range of  Forbes & Lomax flat plate wiring devices in the following finishes: The Forbes&Lomax Stainless Steel range of switches, sockets and dimmers has brushed stainless steel plates. At only 1.8 mm thick, the plates sit flush with the wall and suit contemporary interiors or kitchens. The wide range of socket outlets that Forbes and Lomax offers include a selection of network and audio visual sockets to suit the needs of the most high-tech installations. Also, a whole array of fused connections and cooker switches provide all you need to control and power your kitchen appliances. Read more below about the formats available, the features and dimensions of the stainless steel range, and the available models from Forbes&Lomax.

Stainless Steel range from Forbes & Lomax - available formats

  • Dolly switch;
  • European sockets;
  • Rotary dimmer;
  • Dimming system;
  • Sockets.

Features and dimensions of the Forbes and Lomax Stainless Steel range

  • Single plate: 86 x 86 mm;
  • Double plate: 86 x 146 mm;
  • Depth of plate: 1.8mm;;
  • All the switches conform to BS EN 60669/1;
  • The 13A sockets conform to BS1363; the 2A and 5A sockets conform to BS546;
  • A full range of stainless steel socket outlets are available, including power outlets, telecom and data, audio and visual, fused connections and floor sockets;
  • All the Forbes and Lomax stainless steel switches and sockets require British Standard 35mm deep flush wall boxes;
  • All the Forbes and Lomax stainless steel products must be fitted by a qualified electrician.

Forbes & Lomax Stainless Steel - available models

Forbes & Lomax, the Stainless Steel range - button dimmer controller and 16A French socket with white insert.

Forbes and Lomax, the Stainless Steel range - rotary dimmer and dolly switch.

Forbes & Lomax, the Stainless Steel range - double 13A socket with black insert and dimming system(System 2) with black buttons.

The above models are "general" and specific ones, which can also have other features added/can be in more finishes and with different ways/gangs. To purchase the Forbes and Lomax switches, sockets and dimmers in stainless steel finish from our website, please visit the Flat plate switches/sockets, Metal plate, Forbes & Lomax(read the article introducing all the ranges from Forbes and Lomax). If you do not find a specific stainless steel switch, socket or dimmer manufactured by Forbes and Lomax, do not hesitate to contact us(or leave us a comment).