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The UK's Number One 17th Edition Multi-Function Tester From Di-Log

  2010-02-04         admin         Product News » Electrical Items News
When it first came out, this was the UK’s First 17th Edition Multi-Function Tester! The all new 9083P Multi-Function Tester(17th Edition and Part P Multi Function tester) has been designed to meet the requirement of the 17th Edition, the current Part P requirements and is fully compliant with the performance requirements of BS EN 61557. It also incorporates many of the features that the end users have requested. The unique high speed RCD-LOC feature allows loop testing without tripping and type of RCD. Available via the Electrical Items - Tools and Testers - Testers category, read more below about this 17th Edition Multi-Tester - features, technical specifications, what does it come in the box with, etc.

17th Edition Multi-Function Tester from Di-Log - Features

  • Continuity test - with auto null facility to zero out lead resistance;
  • RCD testing - trip time, trip current, ramp current;
  • Prospective short circuit current - direct readout of PSCC;
  • Insulation measurement - with 100, 250, and 500 V test voltages;
  • Loop Impedance - unique loop test principal will not trip any RCD;
  • RCD auto test - test RCD’s in auto mode without going back to the tester;
  • Integrated socket polarity test;
  • Fully protected - against damage when accidently connected across phases;
  • Meets all the safety and performance requirements of the BS EN 61557;
  • Manufactured in the UK.

Technical Specifications of the 17th Edition Multi-Function Tester

  • Earth Continuity - Test Current: >200mA; - Display Range: 0.00ohms - 199ohms; -  Resolution: 0.01ohms maximum; -  Test Lead Compensation: Null lead resistance 0.00ohms - 10.00ohms; -  Live Circuit Detection: Test inhibit if >30V detected;
  • Insulation Resistance -  Test Voltage: 100V, 250V, 500V; - Display Range: 0.5Mohms - 199Mohms; - Resolution: 0.01Mohms maximum; - Live Circuit Detection: Test inhibit if >30V detected;
  • Loop Impedance - Supply Voltage: 195 - 253V, 45Hz - 65Hz; - Test Current: 15mA (non tripping for RCD protected circuits); - Display Range: 0.01ohms - 2000ohms; - Resolution: 0.01ohms maximum; - Loop Impedance: Phase to Earth; - Line Impedance: Phase to Neutral; - PFC/PSC Range: 0 - 26kA;
  • RCD Trip Time - Supply Voltage: 195 - 253V, 45Hz - 65Hz; - Test Currents: 10, 30, 100, 300, 500mA; - Trip Time Ranges: # 0ms - 2000ms at 1/2 lAn; # 0ms - 300ms at lAn general; # 0ms - 500ms at lAn selective; # 0ms - 40ms at 5 x lAn; - Auto Test: Auto sequence for 1/2 lAn, lAn and 5 x lAn at 00 and 1800; - RCD Type: General (G), Selective (S), Pulsed (A), AC (AC); - RCD Trip: Current (Ramp Test); - Supply Voltage: 195 - 253V, 45Hz - 65Hz; - Test Currents: 10, 30, 100, 300, 500mA; - Ramp Current: Range 1/2 lAn, to 1.1 lAn;
  • Voltage / Frequency Measurement - Display Range: 0 - 440V; - Resolution: 1V; - Frequency Measuring Range 45 - 65Hz; - Safety Rating: IEC 61010-1 300V CAT III; - Dimensions: 260 x 100 x 55 mm; - Weight: 950g; - Power Supply: 6 x AA Alkaline (supplied), 6 x AA NiMH; - Rechargeable (optional).

What is in the Box - The 9083P Multi-Tester is Supplied with

  • Croc Clips: Red, Black, Green;
  • A 2 year warranty;
  • 6 x 1.5V cells LR6 type AA alkaline batteries;
  • Test lead, 1.5M 13A UK plug to Red, Black, Green 4mm shrouded safety plugs;
  • Test lead, set 1.5M 13A plug to Red, Black, Green 4mm shrouded safety plugs to Red;
  • Black, Green 4mm shrouded safety test probes;
  • Red, cordless, 4mm shrouded safety test probe;
  • Buy online the 9083P 17th Edition multi-tester.
All the Di-Log instruments - including the 17th Edition Multi-Function Tester, 9083P - are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and you can be assured that all quality procedures strictly adhere to internationally recognized standards. All the products are designed to meet the relevant standards notably IEC1010 and CE requirements. Most of the Di-LOG testers and tools are also available on our website at the Testers section, where you can also purchase online the 9083P multi-function tester(17th edition).