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The Vitesse Modular Lighting Distribution System - lightweight, strong and compact modular system

  2011-01-11         admin         Product News » Lighting News
This article is the continuation of the previous one entitled, The Vitesse Modular Lighting Distribution System, modular systems from CP Electronics, and it points out some of the other main features the Vitesse Modular range brings to the table. The CP Electronics Vitesse Modular system, a finalist at the Lighting Design Award 2010, is a new innovative modular system from CP Electronics(also see the Vitesse Modular VITM4 range).

The Vitesse Modular from CP Electronics – lightweight, strong and compact modular system

  • Lightweight construction - Unlike the other similar products on the market, the Vitesse Modular system is light and easy to hold in position while installing.
  • Strong and robust - The Tuffgrid lattice design provides the strength for the lightweight Vitesse Modular range from CP Electronics.
  • Compact design - The compact Vitesse Modular system is an ideal system for installation in confined ceiling voids.

Innovative control solutions - The Vitesse Modular system from CP Electronics provides a variety of cutting-edge features

  • IEE 17th edition compliance - The Vitesse Modular SELV module removes the need for RCD protection and provides IEE 17th Edition compliant lighting installations.
  • Separate pluggable connections - Separate pluggable connections for detectors and control devices so valuable channel outputs are not wasted - great modular system solution.

  • The Vitesse Modular - 4 pole connection for switching - The 4 pole connections for standard non-dimming luminaires allows switching or automatic control with presence detectors or an SELV switching module.
  • The Vitesse Modular - 6 pole connection for dimming - The 6 pole connections for luminaires fitted with a dimming ballast allows switching and dimming when used with presence detectors or an SELV dimming module.

  • The PIR and microwave detectors - A full range of lighting control products such as PIR and Microwave presence detectors is available. The presence detection provides automatic switch on and automatic switch off.
  • The Vitesse Modular - Easy absence detector connection - A simple connection to the microwave/PIR detectors provides absence detection with the CP Electronics Vitesse Modular. The absence detection provides manual switch on and automatic switch off.
Read the previous article in this series, The Vitesse Modular Lighting Distribution System(modular systems from CP Electronics), and keep an eye on our blog for the continuation of this series of articles introducing the innovative Vitesse modular system from CP Electronics.