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The Wood Beaver Nail-Proof Drill Bit: An Essential Tool for Electricians

The Wood Beaver Nail-Proof Drill Bit: An Essential Tool for Electricians

  2013-01-23         sparksdirect         Advice » Electrical Items Advice

Armeg Wood Beaver Nail Proof Drill BitRecently we introduced the nail-proof Wood Beaver 20mm and 25mm drill bits to our store and we must say, we're impressed.

And it seems that much of the electrical community is, too.

Armeg have been in the business of power tools for more than 30 years, so that's to be expected - this is the same company that makes holesaws that cut clean through stainless steel - but this new drill bit is something different altogether.

So what makes it so essential for electricians and contractors?

Exceptional Drill Bit Construction

The experience of using this drill bit is quick and satisfying: it's smooth, balanced, accurate, and leaves exceptionally clean holes behind.

More important than that, though, is the speed with which it cuts a hole even through knots.

The Wood Beaver offers more holes per battery charge, which means more work can be carried out between drill charges.

The construction is what makes it. Featuring 4 precision cutting teeth made from robust bi-metal and a rapid steel cutting head, drilling is easy in new and existing builds - even against nails!

And if you don't believe us, Professional Electrician liked these drill bits quite a lot in their review.

Extreme Durability

That's right: nails are no longer a problem with the Wood Beaver's extreme durability and strength.

A single drill bit will last for much longer than competing brands - hitting a screw or nail will usually scrap an augur bit.

Armeg have supplied a short video to demonstrate the capabilities of their nail-proof drill bit:

Better yet, these new drill bits won't break the bank. Check out the 20mm and 25mm nail-proof Wood Beaver bits at Sparks Direct, and if you decide to buy them, share your experience below!