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The Xpelair CT100 domestic bathroom extractor fan, single speed centrifugal panel Xpelair Fan

  2010-09-20         admin         Product News » Ventilation News
After introducing the Xpelair XID100 / XID200 / XID300 range of inline centrifugal fans - which are mostly used in industrial / large areas, here is the Xpelair CT100 range of single speed centrifugal fans. Ideal for the domestic bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets, and utility rooms, the Xpelair CT100 extractor fans are a brilliant range of 100mm / 4 inch fans for interior use.  The Xpelair CentrX range of extractor fans is a range of two sizes of pressure developing centrifugal panel fans for ducted or through the wall applications. They are the ideal solution for ducted applications where extra pressure development is required, including toilets, bathrooms, shower rooms, utility rooms and kitchens. They are recommended in place of an axial fan in exposed coastal situations or exposed high rise applications. They are also suitable for commercial applications for the ventilation of small internal rooms.

The slim stylish grille is easily recognisable as Xpelair, with a bellmouth entry and finger guard through which air is drawn directly into the eye of the high performance centrifugal fan. The spigot outlet on both sizes of unit is only 100mm reducing space requirements for flexible ducting or Profile 60 rigid flat ductwork. For simplified installation models are available with a built-in overrun timer and humidistat. They can be installed at any angle. All have an 'On' indicator light and a maintenance free motor with sealed for life bearings and safety thermal overload protection.

Key Xpelair CentrX CT100 extractor fans features

  • Type: Single speed centrifugal panel fans;
  • Application: Domestic bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets and utility rooms;
  • Control options: Pull cord, timer & humidistat;
  • Legislation: Conforms to Building Regulations;
  • Hole size: 150mm (CT100), 100mm (CT100+);
  • The unit has a panel design with a centrifugal high pressure performance characteristic. The spigot outlet shall be suitable for connection to 100mm flexible or rigid wall tubes or ducting;
  • All the Xpelair CT100 models are available with built in time overrun and built in humidistat auto control;
  • The unit is rated at IPX4. The fan shall conform to Building Regulations for use in toilets, bathrooms and utility rooms;
  • The housing is moulded in high gloss white ABS. The front cover shall be removable to facilitate removal and adjustment;
  • The motor is fitted with sealed self aligning maintenance free bearings and include thermal overload protection;
  • All the Xpelair CT100 P models include an integral pullcord(CT100P, model: 91240AW);
  • All the Xpelair CT100 T models include an integral timer control (3 - 15mins) (CT100T, model: 91237AW);
  • All the Xpelair CT100 HT models include an integral humidity control (45 - 99%RH) and timer control(CT100HT, model: 91238AW);
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 190mm x 190mm x 130mm.
At least for now, what we can offer from the range of Xpelair CT100 extractor fans is the Xpelair CT100T model with timer module - see the simple specs below:
  • Centrifugal panel fan with timer;
  • Connected to the room wiring circuit;
  • Provides a preset timed overrun (3-15mins) after the light has been switched off;
  • Can be installed at any angle;
  • On indicator light;
  • Slim fascia with bellmouth and fingerguard 100mm duct spigot;
  • Maintenance free motor with sealed for life bearings and safety thermal overload protection;
  • Colour: White; Model number: Xpelair CT100T, 91237AW;
  • Purchase online the Xpelair CT100T extractor fan.