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This Cabaret-Style Wall Light Will Look Great in Your Bathroom!

This Cabaret-Style Wall Light Will Look Great in Your Bathroom!

  2012-10-08         sparksdirect         Product News » Lighting News

Believe it or not, but you can actually get a little Classic Hollywood style minus the movie-star price tag with a Cabaret wall light from Astro Lighting!

This light is one of our most adaptable fittings thanks to its simplicity - it's just five globes mounted on a polished chrome bar, so it fits almost anywhere in the home.

It is recommended to be mounted above or beside the mirror in the bathroom, but as to where you want to place it, the choice is all yours.

We at Sparks like it best in the bathroom, injecting a touch of glamour into the morning routine, the touch-up times, and any time you use the bathroom during the day.

It's waterproof - rated to IP44 and resistant to splashes from the sink - but that's not the only reason we suggest fitting it above the sink.

Diffuse Light in Your Bathroom

Those globes are actually warm white diffusing lamps. This looks great for the same reason professional photographers use a softbox: the diffusing globes scatter the light as they pass through the translucent material, distributing it evenly onto a surface.

When you fit it above the bathroom sink, either above or beside the mirror, you will have a warm white light with the pull cord switch ready to use whenever you need it!

Diffuse light is much more flattering than direct light which can cast strange, harsh shadows.

Shaving gets easier. Make-up gets easier. Brushing your teeth... stays more-or-less the same, actually, but at least you can feel glamorous doing it.

What do You Think?

But we're always open to suggestions: do you think the Cabaret style would work better in the bedroom?

Would the diffused light make the living room a little more liveable? Let us know what you think in the comments!