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Time to Replace the Old Fluorescent Modular Fittings with the New LED LuxPanel!

Time to Replace the Old Fluorescent Modular Fittings with the New LED LuxPanel!

  2013-09-10         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

People call them "office ceiling tile lights", "recessed modular lights", "modular neon lights", or even "modular ceilings" / "modular ceiling panels", but everyone knows what we're talking about: it's the square light fittings on the "fake ceiling" in the office.

Most of these fittings are fluorescent, with a long life and energy saving properties, allowing you to change the battens when they run out....

Very convenient and yet, as time goes by, the modular ceiling lights are not that nice to stay. This is why we would recommend you would consider changing these old modular square ceiling lights with the new range of LED panels - more modern, more energy saving, and cost saving at the same time!

Fluorescent Modular Ceiling Lights vs. LuxPanel LED Lights

We have to admit, some of the most popular light fittings we have sold and are currently selling are the fluorescent fittings, and out of these, the modular lights are particularly popular with offices, conference rooms, meeting venues, etc.

Fluorescent Modular Ceiling Lights vs. LuxPanel LED Lights  

But times are changing and what used to be energy saving one year ago is now becoming more energy consuming than what is now available.

As popular and energy efficient as the fluorescent modular luminaires are, the LED LuxPanel modular fittings provide an ideal alternative that is both cost and energy saving!

First of all, the LuxPanel LED modular lights save over 50% of the power (and this is a lot, when it comes to commercial lighting).

Secondly, the air you breathe in the office is at least 25% cleaner since the heat emitted by the LuxPANEL is much lower. This also means that the life of the air conditioning plant is extended, as it is not worked so hard.

Thirdly, there's absolutely no maintenance (no lamp change), no expensive disposal costs (no harmful materials are used in the LED panel construction), and the productivity of the staff is considerably improved!

Oh, and you yourself will feel better when you work in a pleasant bright environment. It is proven that the LED is a green alternative to the general lighting and to fluorescent fittings in particular, and they have no harmful chemicals (as the fluorescent fittings do) that can contaminate water or the air.

Plug-and-Play Easy Installation is Back

Plug-and-Play Easy Installation is Back

Why do you need to get a driver or a gear tray for the modular fluorescent lights, which need to be mounted and maintained, when you can have a simple plug-and-play installation of the LED Panels?

The LuxPanel LED can be mounted either flat on the ceiling or suspended on the "fake ceiling" in the office / commercial environment.

They offer you the bright yet neutral white light needed and have a standard size of 600 mm x 600 mm. As standard, the LED LuxPANELs are supplied with plug and play remote control gear - you simply need to plug in the panel and it will work!

With a lifetime of 50.000 hours, an extended guarantee of 5-year guarantee (after you register it online here: www.bgelectrical.co.uk/guarantee), and 1 year on-site warranty by the manufacturer, we would say that the LED LuxPanels are the best solution for the office ceiling lighting!

Why not replace those old fluorescent modular ceiling lights with the newer and cooler LED square LuxPanels!?!

Further reference: see the complete presentation of this range by BG Electrical, and purchase online the standard LED panel and the emergency LED maintained panel (via Sparks).