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Tips for Improving the Retail Lighting Design with LED Spotlights

Tips for Improving the Retail Lighting Design with LED Spotlights

  2012-10-11         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

If you are considering the lighting design of a retail property, there is a wealth of research that can help you increase revenue by adjusting the atmosphere of your store - and also, a great range of stock in our store.

Tips for Improving the Retail Lighting Design with LED Spotlights

Today, we'd like to highlight just one item in particular, but first, let's delve into a little bit of the science behind it.

The Basics of Retail Lighting Design

Good lighting in a retail environment can contribute to visual quality, store identity and most importantly: the comfort of your customers.

It's a subtle influence, but research has shown that atmosphere affects behaviour, and a large portion of that atmosphere is in the lighting.

In a retail environment, it's best to use ambient light to illuminate the store and accent lighting to guide your customers' focus towards certain items.

High-quality ambient lighting puts customers at ease, which means they spend more time browsing the store, which in turn leads to more spending.

And in studies, customers spent more time with items under bright accent lights than items under ambient light alone.

What Does This Mean For You?

When choosing a spotlight, there are three factors to consider: intensity, colour, and colour rendering.

Note: the Illuma Shaker range of spotlights is no longer available at Sparks; see the current range of LED spots from Illuma at Sparks.

The Illuma Shaker LED Spotlight uses OSRAM's Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs, one of the brightest solid-state lights on the consumer market. But intensity alone isn't everything.

Under a neutral white light such as the Shaker, texture and depth perception is incredibly accurate, which means a customer can make a true judgement as to their purchase - so fewer items are returned after purchase.

And because it's fitted with an LED, the Shaker has an incredibly high colour rendering index (CRI) - the ability of a light source to bring out the true colour of an object.

As for the light fitting itself: it requires very little power; gives off almost no heat thanks to the advanced heat sink; and is track fitted for easy repair and replacement.

For retail purposes, we would highly recommend the 12W model, which is about as bright as a 100W incandescent lightbulb, but 3W and 6W models are also available either online or in our showroom.