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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about the new DEVImat DTIR underfloor heating

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about the new DEVImat DTIR underfloor heating

  2011-11-25         sparksdirect         Advice » Heating Advice

Especially when it comes to purchasing something, everyone has questions regarding the products, to make sure what they get is the best value for the money!

It is the same in the case of the new DEVImat system from Danfoss - people have been asking us about it. Is it better than the one before?

Does the fact that it is cheaper mean that the new DEVImats are not as good as the previous ones? What about the warranty? Are these ones sticky as the ones before? etc.

Below we are trying to briefly answer the top 5 most frequently asked questions regarding the new DEVImat underfloor heating system; if you have different questions than the ones listed here, do not hesitate to ask us (leave a comment).

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about the new DEVImats

  1. Why is the cable thicker than the previous range? The DEVImat Contract DTIR is sold extensively throughout Europe and satisfies the UK and European markets. The outer sheath is now a high grade lead-free PVC rather than a PVDF flouropolymer, and to conform to the INTERTEK SEMKO standard we have a slightly thicker PVC sheath to make it stronger. Our cable will be significantly stronger than other manufacturers who supply a lower grade PVC cable. 75% of all underfloor heating is a PVC outer sheath
  2. What is the warranty for these DEVImats? The DEVImat Contract DTIR range comes with the market leading DEVI Floor Warranty. Danfoss guarantees the floor in the event of a manufacturing fault and if necessary will replace the floor. Other manufacturers only offer a product warranty - they offer the floor guarantee!
  3. What about the sizes - are the new DEVImats the same size? Yes, all the sizes are identical except for the outer sheath of the DEVImat. However the DEVImat Contract DTIR is not available in the 200w range - this range is only available in the DEVImat Ultimate DTIF range.
  4. How do you fit the DEVImat DTIR range? Is it the same as the previous range? Yes, it is exactly the same. The mat comes with extensive fitting instructions, and it is fairly simple and plain how to install.
  5. What is this, 10 year warranty? The DEVI warranty is a full 10 year Floor Guard Warranty - while other manufacturers would replace the heating mat if it fails, the good people at DEVI replace the entire floor if the underfloor heating system fails. And this is for the next 10 years!

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