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Top 7 Tips for Ordering Stuff Online - Online Shoping Done Securely

Top 7 Tips for Ordering Stuff Online - Online Shoping Done Securely

  2012-05-09         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Customer Service,   SEO updates

There are many top lists for making sure that the website you're ordering from is safe to purchase from, and they are all right!

Below we have compiled a small list with our top 7 tips, which is not exhaustive neither is it minimal.

Before you order online anything, you need to do some research and some simple checks - to make sure the online shopping is secure and safe!

Top 7 tips for ordering stuff online

  1. Contact Details - no matter how nice the website is and how low the prices may be, don't even think of purchasing anything from a website that has no solid contact details in the Contact Us area. Don't get fooled by a PO Box, an email address for contact, or even a Contact Form!
  2. No Second-Hand products - even though you may care for the price, it is not recommended to purchase items that are second-hand, used, or that have a picture showing either of these. Purchasing something that is new (and it is clearly stated so) will insure you did your part in getting a high quality product.
  3. Secure Payment - When ordering online make sure that the website has that padlock of "Secure Payments" at the bottom of the screen when you are filling in the payment details. The payment area needs to be "secure" and the URL address starting with "https://". Don't pay via Western Union or any other "nobody-heard-of" payment websites.
  4. Price Check - If you're looking for something that you need urgently and you can afford it, you can simply "buy from the first website in the google search results". Otherwise, it is recommended that you research the prices of the model number / range you're looking for. At SparksDirect we offer you the most competitive prices for many ranges - check and see for yourself!
  5. Customer Reviews - Many website have customer reviews integrated on the site itself, while others use a third party customer reviews website. In any case, before you purchase from an online store that you never purchased from, it is good to research what others say about that store. Other users' opinion matters!
  6. Terms and Conditions - though you may think you know how things operate online and what the general Terms and Conditions look like, it is very good to check the TOS, the Returns Policy, and the Privacy Statement of an online store before you purchase from them!
  7. Keep Records of Your Orders - do not just order online and that's it! Make a note of the online orders you place and their promise of delivery, so as to track them and make sure they arrive on time. It is good to be organized in this respect, so that your finances would be in order and you would not lose money or time.